extraKlasse Laundry

Exclusive to Euronics, the extraKlasse laundry range is packed full of features that gives you peace of mind when doing the laundry. Sensor technology optimises performance to save you time, effort and money.


5 Year Warranty.

Siemens offers an extended five year warranty on selected appliances, including the Siemens extraKlasse range. At no additional cost, this covers parts, labour and call out fees for products purchased within a five year timeframe.

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Washing Machine Key Features


  The frictionless design of the iQdrive motor means
  no​​​​​​ wear and tear, resulting in a quieter machine
​​​​​​​  with an increased life span.



  Siemens speedPack technology speeds up the
  washing process, giving you perfectly clean clothes
​​​​​​​  with time-saving options.



  Sensor Technology

  Intelligent sensors control the washing process and
  uses the least amount of water to deliver the
  perfect wash with the most efficient use of
​​​​​​​  resources​​​​ with any load size.


  Outdoor Programme

  The outdoor programme cycle protects
  high-quality functional clothing during washing.
  Through a wash-in agent, the right temperature,
  and special drum movements, the cycle
  refreshes the water-repellent function of your
  textiles. When you wash and waterproof clothing
​​​​​​​  with this cycle, full breathability ​​​​​​is retained.


​​​​  antiVibration™ Design

  This feature stabilises the machine, minimising 
​​​​​​​  vibration and noise.


  Reload Function

  Add forgotten items by pausing the​​​​​​ machine wash.


Tumble Dryer Key Features

  Rapid40 Drying Programme

  This programme will dry your washing perfectly in
  only 40 minutes, thanks to optimised temperature
  control​​​​​​ and a customised cool down phase.


  Sensor Drying

  Sensors in the drum continually monitor the 
  residual moisture in the laundry to detect when
  the load has reached the selected drying level.
  Providing uniform​​​​​​ drying results​​​​​ and making
​​​​​​​  over drying a thing of the past.


  softDry Drum

  This very gentle softDry drum system ensures a
  constant airflow and stable temperature. The
  wave-like paddles stir the warm air, distributing
  the laundry more gently and efficiently than
  previously possible. The gentle-wash drum 
  structure allows the laundry to glide over the
​​​​​​​  ​​​drum as if​​​​​​ floating​​​​​​ on a cushion of air.