Chest Freezers

Are you having a large dinner party and need to freeze that huge joint of ham? Or maybe you’re preparing for Christmas and need to store your family sized turkey. Whatever your circumstances, you need to find a reliable freezer that will store a large number of goods effectively.

Chest freezers (also known as top door freezers) are ideal in situations such as this. Unlike regular freezers that have space taken up by shelves and drawers, a chest freezer is not limited, making it more spacious and meaning you can store more items inside.

These large freezers are more economical than regular models as the additional space available means that the entire appliance can be used to its full extent; that pack of peas can easily be crammed into the corners, making room for the bulkier items.

The dimensions of a chest freezer are similar to most front opening freezers, so you won’t be missing out on size. Instead, you will gain space that would usually be taken up by the front opening freezers’ drawers. These only allow for a certain capacity, meaning you would often struggle to fit in bigger items. With a chest freezer, you are receiving the benefits of a front opening freezer and more.

As a freestanding model, they can easily be placed in a position to suit your needs. If you have a small kitchen, or you’re simply limited on the amount of space, a chest freezer is perfect as it can be placed in a utility room or in the garage.

As you can probably guess from its name, the door of a chest freezer can be found on the top of the appliance, allowing you to easily peer in and see what it contains. It also saves you from having to bend down on hands and knees, making it ideal for the elderly or those who have difficulty with movement.