extraKlasse Cooling

Exclusive to Euronics, the extraKlasse cooling range is stacked full of features that give you peace of mind when stocking up your cooling appliance. Siemens extraKlasse technology ensures food stays fresher for longer, reducing food waste.


5 Year Warranty.

Siemens offers an extended five year warranty on selected appliances, including the Siemens extraKlasse range. At no additional cost, this covers parts, labour and call out fees for products purchased within a five year timeframe.

It’s recommended that you register all home appliances, so that Siemens can get in touch with you easily. Get tips on how to make the most of your appliance and be informed about key product updates.

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Siemens Home UK to register your appliance/s.

Cooling Key Features


  Fruits and vegetables stay fresh and crisp for
  longer. The hyperFresh drawer lets you adjust
  the moisture level to the food stored inside,
  setting it easily using the manual slide control.
​​​​​​​  This keeps everything fresh and crisp for longer.



  With noFrost, a ventilation system diverts the
​​​​​​​  humidity from the freezer compartment. As a
  result, the air remains dry. This reliably prevents
  frost from forming on the inside of​​​​ the appliance
  or on your food.



  For more convenience when adding and removing
  foods, the glass shelves can now be pulled out up
  to the middle on profile rails. This gives you an
  optimal​​​​​ view and nothing remains hidden. They
  slide easily and are tilt-proof, so you can pull
​​​​​​​  them​​​​​ all the way out even when fully loaded.


  Bottle Rack

  You can now safely store large bottles, small
  bottles and cans in the removable stainless
  steel bottle rack without them rolling back and



  You can use the superCooling button to quickly
  reduce the temperature in the refrigerator​​​​​ to +2 °C.
  This prevents an undesirable rise in the
  temperature of your already chilled food whenever
​​​​​​​  you add food that is not as cold.


  No distance

  Perfect fit every time thanks to No distance.
  Place your fridge directly against the wall,
  no ventilation gap required.