Stylish appliances for great tastes

Siemens appliances turn cooking and baking into fascinating new experiences. You can forget stress in the kitchen, thanks to innovative features which make everything more enjoyable and creative.



Be inspired by the modern intelligence of home appliances, that can help you cook meals and bake cakes. Rely on these ovens to cover all of your cooking, baking and cleaning needs routinely. They can even recommend the perfect settings for your fav roast.

Steam Ovens

Want to cook your food more mildly and naturally? Siemens steam ovens keep your meals full of flavours and nutritional value – while looking their best. These hot steam ovens can also get pre-prepared dishes ready for the dinner table in a flash.


Try out a Siemens induction hob or cooktop for effortless cooking. Choose between electricity and gas with their Domino or fast-heating glass ceramic hobs. Alternatively, use a Siemens cooktop with a dedicated set of controls and power adaptor.

 Variety that astounds

If you want an adaptable oven, then choose a built-in model from Siemens. Able to fit under a worktop or inside a unit, their design allows them to be installed without a cooktop – while looking sleek and modern. You’ll also find integrated features that let you grill, microwave and bake in little to no time. Or, why not consider a combi-steam oven to find functions galore?

Whether you want to bake, roast, steam, or do it all at once, you’ll always get the best from your food with these multifunction features. Siemens’ range of induction hobs and cooktops makes cooking a breeze, while their ventilation hoods keep your kitchen smelling fresh – such as by island or wall-mounted chimneys.

Become a professional chef. With Siemens recipes.

Turn your favourite ingredients into the tastiest, most flavoursome dishes that are worthy of the experts. Combine your Siemens appliances with specially-designed and carefully-tested recipes that will make the most of the features and technology.

Bring exclusive gourmet meals to your home through the finest preparation – bon appétit!