Bosch has created an oven perfect for every style of kitchen and every recipe. Enjoy the best results day after day thanks to the impressive PerfectBake and PerfectRoast functions – you’ll master a range of meals easily, in no time at all. Featured in a choice of styles and sizes, there’s an oven for every type of kitchen layout, and you can start cooking straightaway thanks to the easy installation process. And with Bosch’s quality German engineering pedigree, you can be sure your oven won’t let you down.


Bosch hobs are versatile and responsive, letting you serve up delicious food, dish after dish. Whether you prefer gas, electric, or induction hobs, there’s a model to suit your cooking style. Or mix and match with a Domino hob for even more versatility, where you can enjoy the precise control of gas and the efficiency of induction. You can even find a Bosch hob with integrated ventilation, so any odours or steam are removed from the source.

Steam Appliances

Bosch’s versatile steam ovens always produce the tastiest, healthiest results, which are full of natural flavours, minerals, and vitamins. Steam isn’t just for vegetables either; whether you’re baking or roasting, it can improve the dish by adding a golden, crisp finish, or making it more succulent. With steam, you can enjoy incredibly delicious yet healthy meals, every day. Plus, the built-in water tank is easy-to-use, without the need for complex plumbing.


When you need to serve great food quickly, your first stop is a microwave from the Bosch range. Thanks to their versatility and speed, you can use them for so many different functions, including cooking, defrosting, and reheating. If you want even more impressive results, then discover Bosch’s compact microwave ovens. Enjoy all the benefits of a regular oven, but with the speed and convenience of a microwave.

Cooking Hoods

Bosch has a developed a range of cooker hoods that are full of power, so you can say goodbye to unwanted odours in the kitchen when you’re cooking.

What’s more, thanks to the insulation and low noise drive, they’re so quiet that you and your guests will barely hear a thing.

Warming Drawers

Warming drawers from Bosch can do so much more than just heating your plates and keeping food warm. You can also prove dough, melt chocolate, defrost food, and slow-cook meat.

For added convenience and a streamlined look for your kitchen, you can even match a drawer to an oven.

​​​​​​​Pyrolytic Simple Self-Cleaning Ovens

By heating the oven to 480˚C, the pyrolytic Self-Cleaning cycle turns any grime into dust. Once cooled, this is easy to wipe away.

​​​​​​​EcoClean Direct Ovens

There’s nearly no cleaning needed thanks to the regeneration programme and special coating of the rear, side walls, and roof of the oven.

​​​​​​​Perfect Control Sensors

Whether you’re baking, boiling, or frying, Bosch’s intuitive sensor technology in their cooking range makes your life easier in the kitchen. Enjoy perfect results with every meal thanks to the cutting-edge cooking features, which give you more control over your dishes.

​​​​​​​Induction Hobs

Enjoy stunning style, reduce your cooking times, and save energy with a Bosch induction hob. The number of cooking zones give you ultimate versatility, and the integrated technology provides an intuitive cooking experience.


​​​​​​​FlameSelect Hobs

Take the guesswork out of gas cooking with the latest, easy-to-use technology built into Bosch’s gas hobs. Choose the precise size of the flame you would like with cutting-edge Step Valve technology, which controls the exact gas output.

The hob features nine different levels of power and a user-friendly control, all you need to do is decide which setting you need. Finally, thanks to Flame Select technology, you will have the freedom to cook with gas without having to bend down to check on it.