Freestanding Fridges and Freezers

Bosch freestanding fridge freezers feature a cooling compartment at eye level, straight in front of you. Below, you’ll find a large freezer section too. Split exactly in the middle, you can take out your chilled goods without having to bend down.


Built-in Fridge Freezers

These built-in fridge freezers from Bosch are made to fit seamlessly into every style of kitchen. You’ll also get the ultimate comfort and fantastic functions you’d expect from a modern cooling appliance.


XXL Fridge Freezers. It all fits with ease.

Just a little bigger than standard models, you can easily fit whole baking trays, watermelons and other large items into our freestanding fridge freezer combinations. Choose from a wide range of extra large fridge freezer models with different volumes and sizes, available in a 70cm, 86cm width and French door style.

XXL – NoFrost bottom-freezer range

The fridge freezer range with extra space for all your groceries; 70cm x 80 cm. Offering up to 40% more space compared to a standard model.*

Thanks to PerfectFit the appliance can be placed directly into a niche or next to a wall without wasting any space. The 90° door opening angle gives you full access to all your groceries.

Two different climate zones and a temperature at nearly 0°C. The top drawer has VitaFresh pro technology designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and retain vitamins. The bottom drawer is idea for fish and meat. The VarioZone gives you more flexibility thanks to removable glass shelves. The XXL freezer range is available in various high-quality designs and finishes. From anti finger prints stainless steel to glass door design. A range of solutions for all your groceries.

*KGN39 vs KGN56

Easy Storage

Keep all your groceries in view, thanks to Easy Storage you can now see all your items easily. Extendable shelves allow perfect access to items at the back. The safety glass shelves can be pulled out, making it particularly easy to place or remove items – and simultaneously providing you with an excellent overview.


Other standard fridge freezer models on the market need around 10cm distance from side walls for doors and drawers to open. Thanks to PerfectFit, the freestanding fridge freezer range from Bosch can be positioned right against side walls and furniture. The fridge freezer width corresponds to the niche dimensions.

French Door Fridge Freezer. Full of taste and design.

Sleek, stunning design, a best in-class freshness system and innovative features are designed to keep your food fresh for longer.


Bosch fridge freezers with VitaFresh system offer optimal temperature settings and two different humidity settings to help you store and keep your food fresh for longer. It can easily be adjusted to the ideal freshness requirements, maintaining perfect storage conditions independent from the rest of the fridge freezer. So, less food wasted, more food to enjoy.