Freestanding Dishwashers

Bosch freestanding dishwashers can be placed wherever suits you in your kitchen. Choose from sizes ranging between 45 cm to 60 cm, and even Compact models.

All offer flexible loading and sparkling cleaning results, with 100% Bosch quality.

Built-in Dishwashers

You can fit a Bosch built-in dishwasher beneath your counter, or in a tall cupboard to work at eye level, saving the pressure on your back. An XXL size is perfect for counters higher than 87 cm, and you’ll have 5 cm more room inside the model. You’ll always find a place for even your bulkiest pans, trays, plates, and bowls.

The purpose of endless tests: satisfied customers

Bosch dishwashers are built to last. Each component is subjected to thorough testing before the machine is put together – from metal sheets, hinges, screws, and bolts to heating, stressing, and flooding. This way, you can be sure of your dishwasher’s durability.

Zeolith® : Perfect Dry

Say goodbye to damp dishes thanks to Bosch’s powerful yet gentle 3D air flow drying technology. PerfectDry dishwashers based on Zeolith® absorb moisture evenly and turn it into warm air, so all of your items emerge from their cycle both sparkling and droplet-free – even plastic dishes. This feature will last as long as your dishwasher does, for years of superior cleaning.

Save water on every load

The ActiveWater™ technology in their dishwashers means it can take as little as 6.7 litres* of water to clean 13 place setting for a three-course meal**. That’s less water than it takes to fill a standard sized kitchen sink.

*6.7 litre water consumption on standard Economy 50° programme on dishwasher model SMS46JW09G.

**Three-course meal as defined by dinner, soup and dessert plate, cup and saucer, glass, knife, fork, soup, tea and dessert spoons for each place setting as well as 1 serving plate, 2 serving bowls, 2 serving spoons, 1 serving fork and 1 sauce spoon.

HygienePlus option: Rinsing with higher temperatures for hygienic performance

This function can be used in a range of programmes to wash your items as hygienically as possible, thanks to antibacterial cleaning. HygienePlus rinses for around 10 minutes at temperatures as high as 70°C to eliminate germs. This makes it useful for anyone who needs to keep their dishes extra clean.

​​​​​​​Get notified when your dishes are done

Stay connected with a Bosch Home Connect dishwasher (Model: SMS88TW06G) and make multitasking a breeze. You can set the Home Connect app to let you know when your dishwasher cycle has finished, so you know when it needs unloading.

Hosting a large get-together where there will be multiple loads throughout the party, or just keen to get the dishes put away as soon as possible? Bosch has got you covered with this handy technology, so you can focus on the parts of life that really are important.