Kettles are an essential kitchen appliance, helping us to kick-start the day with a morning brew. Our selection offers you the best in style and functionality without any compromise. Each model in the range has a large water capacity, so you can make hot drinks for all your family and friends.

Depending on which brand you go for, there are different features and functions available, so you can find the perfect kettle for your kitchen. 

Handy Features

Many of our kettles are designed with functionality in mind. Handy features you might want to consider are 360o swivel bases to position the kettle where you want, or removable filters to dispose of any limescale build-up.

If the kettle’s turned on without the water levels being checked, Boil Dry Protection will turn it off automatically, if there are any issues. This will protect the heating element and prevent any damage. 

Safety Features

When you’ve got the little ones running around, safety in the kitchen is a concern – especially when it comes to boiling water. There are many kettles with built-in safety features, which should give you a little less to worry about.

If safety is a priority, you should look for auto shut off and locking lid features. Auto shut off will turn the kettle off once it’s boiled, or if it’s lifted from the stand. Locking lids offer a little more security if the kettle gets knocked over accidently.

Models with chord storage prevent wires from trailing around your kitchen units, while non-slip feet make sure the kettle can’t be moved across the worktop easily.