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Washing Machine
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Giving you the choice, varioPerfect allows the setting of certain washes to be changed determined by what is most important to you, time or energy.

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antiVibration design

With a circular design on the side of the machine, antiVibration uses the science of nature to reduce the decibel level of the appliance.

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Intelligent, durable and quiet iQdrive motor with 10 year warranty for highly effective and efficient laundry care.

Tumble Dryer
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Heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryers work particularly energy-efficiently: They use the majority of the energy of the hot exhaust air for the next drying step. This means that hardly any heat is lost.

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antiVibration design

With a circular design on the side of the machine, antiVibration uses the science of nature to reduce the decibel level of the appliance.

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selfCleaning condenser

Being maintenance-free, the selfCleaning condenser automatically removes lint and fluff from the heat exchanger – meaning you don’t have to.

Dishwashing Machine
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rackMatic conveniently allows you to raise and lower the height of the top basket, even when the dishwasher is full. This increased flexibility ultimately saves you time.

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varioFlex Plus Basket system

Making the most of space within the dishwasher, varioFlex Plus allows you to create extra space for pots and pans. By letting you adjust slats to suit your load, the inside of your dishwasher is constantly adaptable.

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The varioSpeed option is the perfect time saver, reducing washing and drying times by half.

Fridge Freezer
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Using an air circulation system to remove humidity and stop frost and ice building up on the freezer walls and packaging, Siemens noFrost freezers will look after themselves and leave you with less hassle and more time.

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Keeping food fresh is easy with the specialist crisperBox. Controlling the humidity within the crisperBox ensures that fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer, cutting food waste and your food bills.

Fresher for longer
multiAirflow System

The multiAirflow System helps to circulate air around the fridge evenly, meaning that food is constantly kept at the optimum temperature. Ensuring freshness as well as saving energy.

Washing Machines

Rapid 15
Ever thought you could wash your clothes and be ready within the hour? Siemens have made this possible with the rapid15 quick wash cycle. This super-fast cycle will wash, rinse and spin lightly soiled laundry in just 15 minutes.

Accidently put a white shirt in with a dark load? Forgotten to include your favourite pair of jeans? Use the reload function, just pause the cycle, and when it’s safe, the door will open for you. This allows you to add or remove the clothes you missed, quickly and easily.

Every Siemens washing machine has an impressive A+++ energy efficiency rating with smart technology, the machine can adjust the wash time and energy consumption so that it’s suitable for each load – not only can this state of the art appliance save you time, but it will also help you to save money.

Tumble Dryers

Sensor drying
In the drum, there are built-in sensors that monitor your laundry’s moisture levels. Once the garments reach a certain dryness, the tumble dryer will automatically switch to its final cool down cycle. This function means that your clothes won’t be subjected to heat for longer than necessary, keeping them looking as good as new.

The rapid40 drying programme
Rapid40 cycle will have your clothes from wet to dry in only 40 minutes – the perfect programme for when you need that special outfit at short notice. During the cycle, the temperature control is optimised, and you can customise the cool down period.

A lot less ironing
Ironing is one of those chores we’d all like to do a little less. Why not let the Siemens tumble dryer do the hard work for you? The softDry drum system handles your clothes delicately, which will ensure that there are fewer creases in your clothes.


varioSpeed Plus
For when you’ve got your next dinner party, and need lots of clean plates in a hurry. The varioSpeed Plus feature will reduce the time you spend waiting by two-thirds, without compromising on wash and dry results.

dosageAssist is a fantastic time-saving feature, which promises top cleaning results. It works by dispersing the dishwasher tablet from an innovative basket, quickly and evenly, throughout the whole machine.

Loading the dishwasher can often turn into a puzzle, especially when you’re trying to fit in that larger saucepan. Siemens have introduced rackMatic technology, where the top basket can be moved higher or lower – simply use the lever to adjust the position, even when the dishwasher is already loaded.

Fridge Freezers

A+++ – fresher for longer
Siemens refrigerators boast A+++ energy efficiency rating, which is ideal for an appliance that runs 24 hours a day. Their fridges will store your groceries at the perfect humidity and temperature, keeping them fresher for longer to reduce waste.

The multiAirflow System
The Siemens multiAirflow System circulates the air evenly around the fridge so that the optimum temperature is reached on every shelf. This allows your fridge to run more efficiently, with warm food being cooled 40% faster than in a standard fridge.

LED lighting
LED lighting is the most efficient type available. Siemens have integrated this into the side walls of the fridge, so you can benefit from maximum illumination without compromising on storage space. The freezer drawer also uses LED lighting, providing bright, non-glare lights without the high energy bills.