Care for your laundry

The Siemens laundry care range offers luxury results while saving energy. Discover appliances that perform reliably with cutting-edge interiors, and look stylish with modern exteriors.


Washing Machines

A Siemens washing machine isn’t just impressive in exterior – inside, you’ll also find advanced technology. Whether you’re looking for the freedom of a standalone model, or a streamlined finish from a built-in model, it’s easy to revolutionise your kitchen with any Siemens appliance.

Tumble Dryers

Looking for ultimate laundry flexibility? Siemens’ fantastic range of condensation dryers will fit easily into your kitchen, bathroom or basement – wherever works best in your home. Featuring innovative technology, Siemens heat pump dryers re-circulate warm air while drying your clothes.

Washer Dryers

Put a bit of luxury into your laundry routine. Siemens washer dryers give you complete care, while also saving space in your home.

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The extraKlasse Laundry Range

Exclusive to Euronics, the Siemens extraKlasse range combines style and performance. Designed to suit your everyday needs, these appliances wash and dry your clothes in the best way – thanks to their advanced features.

Excellent performance meets maximum energy-efficiency

Siemens washing and drying appliances balance elegant style with intelligent technology and high-tech features. Make everyday life easier with amazing results from their range of dryers, washing machines, and washer dryers.

Achieve laundry perfection from advanced designs that offer a stunning look and quality performance – down to the very last detail. Experience premium styles combined with easy handling – such as slanted frames on washing machines and dryers, which make them comfortable to operate, and improve legibility. From user-friendly multiTouch LED displays to doors without handles, you’ll be impressed at how simple they are to manoeuvre. The strong, scratch-resistant shoe plate also smooths over your clothes with ease. Enter a beautiful new world of laundry care, which turns chores into pleasure.


For a new sense of Freedom

Discover the innovative features of Siemens home appliances with iSensoric


Power meets intelligence.

Siemens is setting a new benchmark with Rooted in Cutting edge technology

Siemens’ incredible iSensoric technology will not only inspire you, but also help you discover endless opportunities. A network of sensors works alongside smart software to make home appliance management less dependent on you. The iSensoric network offers the highest efficiency, reducing the time you spend on daily chores. Whether it’s washing clothes, cleaning dishes, or keeping food fresher for longer, you’ll find unrivalled designs, features and technology.

Supported by information collected from the sensors, the iSensoric Control Unit can identify load volume, distinguish between different types of fabrics, spot excessive degrees of soiling and more – to handle each and every load individually. Delicate satin, sportswear, outdoor jackets, white shirts – every wardrobe is full of clothes that vary in fabric and colour. And they all need different types of care.

The sensoFresh programme: Experience effective odour removal

Make the most of life with Siemens sensoFresh system: where you can leave behind the worries of odour-ridden clothes. Whatever the fabric, sensoFresh is the perfect answer to removing unwanted odours - thanks to its innovative use of sensor technology and active oxygen. It doesn't need water or detergent to work, and even removes odours on delicate or dry-clean only fabrics. Keeping clothes beautifully fresh and incredibly clean has never been more convenient than with this revolutionary system.

 Just add Laundry: i-Dos 

The i-Dos system automatically measures how much liquid detergent you need for each cycle – depending on your load’s weight, and the programme you’ve chosen. Get fresh, spotless laundry in less time, and from only the necessary level of resources.