Introducing the next generation of TV technology

Quantum Matrix Technology Pro

Game-changing technology, unparalleled cinematic experience. Samsung’s state-of-the-art Quantum Matrix Technology Pro and Quantum Mini LEDs work to create precisely controlled brightness and pixel-perfect contrast. See every epic moment in jaw-dropping detail that’ll take your breath away.

Elegantly minimal, endlessly stunning

Infinity Screen & Infinity One Design

Enjoy the view on our slimmest TV yet. Every inch of this breath-taking TV has been thoughtfully designed to minimise distractions. You’ll experience fully immersive, cinematic viewing on the endlessly stunning Infinity Screen. As it’s nearly bezel-less, nothing gets in the way of the pristine, limitless picture.

Do more with Samsung Neo QLED

Home office, fitness, gaming and entertainment - Samsung Neo QLED will enrich your daily life.

One eco-remote to control them all

Forget fumbling for the right control with a universal TV remote control linking to your every device.

Sound innovations redefined

Breath-taking realism that takes your 3D audio experience to another dimension.