Our smart and sophisticated refrigeration range has been developed with prolonged food freshness in mind. Featuring everything from Blue Light Technology that keeps fruit and vegetables fresh, to water and ice dispensers that allows you to enjoy chilled water and ice at your leisure, our refrigerators aim to bring harmony to your life at home.

Blomberg’s eco friendly Blue Light technology continues the natural process of photosynthesis – meaning your fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer in the crisper drawer. Putting your food’s lifetime and freshness first, this innovative technology helps to reduce high levels of food wastage, and as a result, prevents further trips to the supermarket.

Make life easier and prevent ice build-up with Blomberg’s Frost Free freezers – designed to maintain a dry environment automatically. This innovative technology means you never have to defrost manually, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy.


If your kitchen doesn’t have enough space, you can store your freezer safely in a garage or outbuilding with Blomberg’s Food Protector Technology. Even in the coldest of winters, this unrivalled storage flexibility keeps your freezer functioning in surrounding temperatures as low as -15°C.