OLED Technology by 

Don’t miss a second of the match with LG’s OLED technology. The technology shows the deepest blacks in shadows and prevents image blur in rapidly moving scenes, bringing the game to life from the comfort of your sofa.

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) screens deliver some of the best possible pictures. Each pixel is self-lighting and can be turned on and off, unlike standard LED screens that require backlighting.  This technology achieves infinite contrast that gives stunning true-to-life colours.

Only OLED TVs create those perfect blacks to give the colour richness that opens a portal to a new world of viewing. You’ll be blown away by the quality. Gather family and friends to witness the ultimate game night together.

4K/8K Neo QLED with Anti-reflection by 

Whether it’s the all-important qualifying match or the latest blockbuster, you’ll fall in love with Samsung’s exceptional QLED display. See every frame, every kick of the ball, and every shot in perfect detail with Samsung’s innovative technology. Thanks to QLED, you’ll experience better colour and brightness compared to a normal LED TV – perfect for watching sports at home.

What’s more, the Anti-Reflection Screen lets you enjoy TV with brilliant colour and crisp detail from any time of the day, Plus, the wide viewing angle ensures you get the best seat in the house, no matter where you sit.

Don’t let the brightness of the sun or reflection from a lamp ruin your entertainment. Day or night, every seat is the best in the room.

Acoustic Surface Audio+ by 

Get lost in whatever you’re watching with Acoustic Surface Audio+. With the sound coming straight from the screen, triple actuators behind the TV vibrate to create an acoustic sound that moves with the picture. Two on the side make dialogue clear and natural while left and right subwoofers boost bass for a totally immersive experience right in your living room.

Sony’s most powerful Cognitive Processor XR takes vision and sound to the next level. It understands how humans see and hear, completely transforming the way you watch TV. Never miss a beat as the Cognitive Processor XR analyses and optimises hundreds of thousands of elements in a blink of an eye to delivering pure blacks and the brightest ever colours. Enjoy breathtaking contrast with pictures that feel deep, natural, and real – as if the game is happening right in front of you. Cognitive Processor XR can cross-analyse every element at once, just as our brains do.

Featuring advanced screen speaker technology, XR turns any sound source into a totally new experience. Hear sound more clearly and accurately, whatever you’re watching. Sound and pictures work together in perfect harmony.

The way we perceive the world is based on information coming from our eyes and ears to our brains at the same time. Conventional AI can only detect and analyse elements like colour, contrast, and detail individually, Complete immersion is an experience that thrills and moves you and feels just like the world around us so you can watch the match like you’re right there in the stadium.

Harmon/Kardon Sound System by 

Get premium sound with the Hybrid Harman/Kardon® speaker system. Combining style with functionality, the front speaker grill is designed to give you clear, undistorted sound. Plus, the front-firing midrange and treble and down-firing bass ensure crystal-clear dialogue and rich, spacious background music. What’s more, a built-in subwoofer offers even better bass for exceptional precision. What does it sound like? Experience room-filling audio that transports you right into the heart of the action, whatever you choose to watch.