SteamCure Function by 

SteamCure uses the power of steam to reduce creases in your clothes. By dispersing steam into the drum at the end of the cycle, creases are reduced, so you spend less time ironing and more time doing the things you love.

By applying the steam to the garment during the wash cycle, it makes ironing quicker and easier, so kits will always be match ready.


SpeedPerfect by 

You’ve just noticed a training session on the calendar this evening and the dirty kit is still in the wash basket. Fear not, Bosch SpeedPerfect can clean a full load in only an hour*, so you can freshen up those last-minute outfits.

Plus, SpeedPerfect reduces your washing time by up to 65% whilst still delivering optimum  results without compromising on cleaning performance. . Used alone or in combination with most other programmes, achieve a thorough wash load after load.

*Compared to just over two and a half hours on Easycare 40°C wash programme.


Sportswear Programme by 

We know how tough it can be to keep your sportswear looking crisp and a hot cycle isn’t always suitable for those gentler fabrics. Blomberg’s specialist Sportswear programme is optimised for washing cotton and synthetic blends, plus water repellent fabrics such as Gore-Tex.

This cycle will offer exceptional cleaning results every time while being gentle on your clothes. Keep those kits in tip top shape and ready for the next match with Blomberg.


Active Care by 

Hoover’s ActiveCare Technology provides you with the perfect combination of water and detergent working together to penetrate deeply into the fibres, enhancing the stain removal action.

Hoover has included ActiveCare technology on many of their washing machines. This creates a perfect combination of water and detergent that penetrates deeply into fibres, enhancing the stain removal action. The result? Clothes are perfectly clean and stain-free, ready for the next activity.