At Broadbents, we are happy to demonstrate a wide range of televisions and video equipment before you make a purchase. If you are unsure of how your camera (or video game etc) will work with a certain television or DVD recorder, just bring it along to the shop so that we can try them together.

You may already know that our prices for televisions and video equipment include:  delivery and installation within the Huddersfield area. We do this so that we can leave the equipment in your house, ready for you to use without you first having to read any instruction books. We also understand that taking things one step at a time is often the best way to learn, so you are welcome to call back to the store, where someone will take you through any features you don't understand, have forgotten about or would like to know more about.

Make your life simpler - shop with Broadbents.

How many times have you been caught and frustrated by the telephone menu after menu system of some companies? All you want to do is ask someone a simple question, yet many companies now appear to make this impossible. If you do manage to talk to a real person, isn't it amazing how often they fail to take any responsibility and quickly “pass you on”. How often have you agreed to buy something, only to find “hidden” extras are added when it’s time to pay? Then there is jargon! Some companies seem to use jargon to “gloss over” something they don't want to tell you, while others use it to hide their own ignorance. Why don't they talk to you at a level you understand - or better still, show you!

John McEnroe once said “You cannot be serious?” The thing is - at Broadbents, we are very serious about customer service. Maurice Broadbent wrote in 1981 that “Service is possibly the most devalued word in the English language today. After all, it is constantly bandied around but few are prepared to put it into practice to the complete satisfaction of customers. However we take the word very seriously.” Nearly forty years and what Maurice wrote is still true today. While many companies still shout loudly that they “are the best” then fail miserably - at your cost, we remain very serious about making buying from us as simple, easy and pleasurable as possible.

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How to find us

We on the A62, Leeds Road, between the B & Q Retail park and the Currys / Boots Retails Park. Our car park for eight cars is behind the shop, Galloway Street. There are two parking bays on Leeds Road, one before and one after the shop.

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We deliver within the Huddersfield HD postcode, 01484 telephone area

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