Give Your Pet a Purr-fect Christmas

Christmas can be both an exciting, and a stressful time for your pets. Whilst it often provides a welcome oppawtunity to spend more quality time with them, new people to give them some fuss and the chance for them to enjoy tearing up all that wrapping paper, it can also mean disruption to their usual routine, and a more crowded environment bringing different noises and smells. It’s important to have a plan to ensure your pet feels calm throughout the festive season. 


Help your pet feel calm this Christmas 

  1. Try not to leave your pet home alone for long periods if you’ve got lots of socialising to do. They’ll miss you!

  2. Think about bringing your pet's bed, or a favourite chew toy with you if you’re spending Christmas Day at another house so they have something that smells familiar.

  3. Allow your pet to meet any visiting guests at their own pace when they feel comfortable.

  4. Help your pet feel more secure by doing your best to stick to their normal routines such as feeding times, exercise outings etc.

  5. Create a safe space for your pet so that if all the excitement gets a bit too much, they’ve got a quiet, cosy place to have some time away.

  6. Unless your pet is an Instagram influencer, try not to dress them up for the pupparazzi too much.

  7. Avoid Christmas decorations around your pet’s bed/cage so that you don’t upset their environment and prevent any unwanted trips to the vet. 

Safe dining for your pet

Does your pet have their own place setting at the Christmas table? Whilst your pet is likely to sit licking their lips watching you eat; some foods are incredibly harmful. To avoid upset stomachs and health problems, it’s best that your pet sticks to their normal food where pawsible. 

Don’t let them get their paws on:
  • Mince pies
  • Bones from carcasses
  • Chocolate
  • Christmas pudding
  • Onion gravy
  • Alcohol​​​​​​​

Pet hair-free, guest-ready housekeeping 

Make sure your home is guest-ready this Christmas. No one wants their guest to stand up from the sofa looking like ‘Cousin It’ because Lemi the labradoodle was lounging on it before the doorbell rang! ​​​​

O Come All Ye Vacuums 

All expertly designed to tackle pet hair, here are our recommendations of the best vacuums this Christmas.

Experts at catching those stray hairs, some vacuums by Bosch even boast a ProAnimal nozzle with additional brush rolls for thorough cleaning results - Bosch BBH65KITGB Athlet Vacuum Cleaner & Bosch BCH86PETGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Specifically designed for deep cleaning homes with pets, the Dyson BALLANIMAL2 makes light work of cleaning up pet hair. Exclusive to Euronics and Agents stores only, is the Dyson V11ABSOLUTE, the most powerful cord-free cleaner head ever. 

Designed with homes with pets in mind, are these Sebo vacuums, great for tackling that unwanted pet hair! Your pets will thank you for this extra quiet Sebo 92662GB, and your home for the Sebo 91533GB. Exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores, you won’t find these products anywhere else!

Well known for their ability to get rid of pet hair and reduce the symptoms of allergies are these vacuum cleaners from Miele; Miele HX1 & Miele HX1POWER. Last but not least, Miele HX1CAT&DOG - I wonder how they came up with the name? 

View the full floorcare range here to have yourself a hair-free little Christmas! ​​​​​​
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