Host the Ultimate Stress-Free Christmas

Christmas Day is just around the corner - a treasured occasion for loved ones to gather, share cheesy jokes from crackers and indulge in all the festive delights! It’s the one time of the year where we can insist on everyone sitting down together, at the same time. 

Whilst hosting Christmas can be an honour, for many, the idea of cooking the Christmas feast can be a very daunting prospect, but one that can be overcome with some simple planning and preparation! Don’t bury your head in the snow - we’ve got some advice to help you host, whilst still being able to really enjoy the holiday.

​​​​​​Diarise the Day

Make sure to plan out every aspect of the day in as much detail as possible. There may still be some surprises that crop up, but rest assured, they won’t feel as serious, or as stressful as not being prepared!

  1. Create a plan for the day - who your guests are, what time they are expected to arrive, any dietary requirements etc.​​​​​​​

  2. Plan the food and the plonk - two core elements to pull off a memorable Christmas fiesta! No doubt your guests will want to contribute to the occasion, so, assign what they are bringing and put it in writing, in an email or a message. (This can be extra handy for any arguments when you realise someone has forgotten the pigs in blankets…!)​​​​​​​

  3. Timing - paramount when it comes to the Christmas dinner! Plan out what time pre-drinks are being served, when you are going to sit down to eat, what time presents are being exchanged, and what time people are planning to leave at the end of the day’s celebrations.

  4. Assistance - Don’t be afraid to ask for help, no host is expected to be a superhero! Your guests are likely to offer to help... so take them up on it. After leading the cooking, why not allow everyone else to do the tidying and washing up!

  5. Presents - Next day delivery is now so commonplace we often leave things until the last minute. Get ahead by buying and ordering your presents well ahead of the big day and get wrapping! Consider taking some time to get creative with sustainable Japanese gift wrapping, Furoshiki.

Purchase in Advance

Excellent, you are done planning. Now it’s time for you to go shopping, yay!  Christmas shopping is a notoriously busy time, so stock up in advance on all ingredients that won’t perish, or that can be frozen. This includes the turkey (or alternative main) - be sure to buy or order in advance. You may feel tempted to nip into a supermarket on Christmas Eve for a ‘yellow sticker’ turkey, however, this will certainly not be stress-free! 2020 has shown the importance of community and buying local, so why not reserve your perfect meat from your local butcher well ahead of time.​​​​

Get Preppin’

Whether you’re expecting a large family gathering or a more intimate get-together, cook everything you can in advance. This will really help reduce stress. Where pre-cooking isn’t possible, do the prep. Peel the spuds, cut and dice your veggies, brine the turkey, chill the white wine etc. 

Make sure your kitchen appliances are up to the job of playing host, or check out our cooking range if you’d like to ensure perfectly cooked turkey, or need an oven that can cook your savoury delicacies alongside your pudding!

Focus on what’s important 

Creating a comprehensive plan and sticking to it as much as possible will undoubtedly help ensure that Christmas Day goes more smoothly. What’s more, after this crazy old year, the only thing that really matters is getting to spend quality time catching up with loved ones.

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