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You’ve done all of your Christmas food shopping, invited your guests around, tentatively asked for any dietary requirements, and then discover, to your horror, that your son’s new partner is a vegan! Fear not! The team at Euronics have rounded up some of their favourite vegetarian and vegan Christmas dinner alternatives, that may even make you consider ditching the Turkey!​​​​​!


Aperitifs​​​​​​​ & Starters

​​​​​​​Christmas Cranberry Punch

​​​​​​​Set the Christmas scene for your guests as they arrive for dinner this year, with this juicy Cranberry punch from NEFF. Totally child friendly, if you add the rum after! 

Blini’s - The Ideal Festive Nibble

A firm favourite to get your guests' appetites going! Serving up your own homemade blini’s this year will be a breeze if you follow this recipe from AEG! ​​​​​

Aperitif Rolls with Orange and Carrot Dip

Looking for something a little different? Why not try these filo pastry rolls from NEFF? Filled with goats' cheese, figs, tomatoes, garlic, mint, and Harissa-paste, they're sure to get those taste buds tantalising. Serve with a fresh orange and carrot dip for a truly indulgent treat.​​​​​​​

Merry Mains 

Mushroom and Goats Cheese Tart 

This delicious tart celebrates the humble mushroom and is sure to delight your vegetarian guests! Mushrooms make a great meat substitute, and whilst they are not packed with protein, they surpass meat in many characteristics! Tuck into this tart for instance selenium, zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and B12. Whilst this mouth-watering recipe from NEFF uses goats’ cheese, you could substitute with a vegan cheese to ensure the recipe is animal product free.

Vegetarian Celeriac and Chestnut Slice with Sweetcorn Sauce

Designed by top London chef, Brian James Turner CBE for Belling UK, this vegetarian celeriac, and chestnut slice is bound to bring a smile to your guests this year! Celeriac is high in fibre and a fantastic source of vitamins B6, C and K too! 

Seasonal Sides

Pan-Fried Brussels Sprouts with Shallots, Almonds, and Cranberry Glaze

Like Marmite, brussels sprouts are either loved or hated. However, if you pan-fry (or roast) fresh sprouts, with butter or oils, they become a thing of culinary beauty! Try Beko’s tasty alternative to cooking your sprouts this year and watch them disappear from the dish. 

The Perfect Roast Potatoes

Christmas dinner is never complete without a good portion of crispy roast potatoes! For the perfect roast potatoes, take a peek at our previous blog!​​​​​​


Cranberry Meringue Pots

These delicious pots of goodness are topped off with a fluffy aquafaba meringue (chickpea water) for a festive twist on the traditional lemon meringue! Designed by Bos Kitchen for AEG and sure to be a crowd pleaser after your mains. 

Baked Apples served with Mincemeat

These cider soaked apples are packed full of the flavours of Christmas and would be the perfect end to your dinner! Designed by a top London chef, for Belling.   

So, there you have it! It’s not all about nut roasts! If one of your Christmas dinner guests is a vegetarian or vegan, why not tantalise their taste buds with these tried and tested recipes this year?​​​​​

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