Just Pudding It Out There

It’s not Christmas without a good pudding. For those with a sweet tooth, there’s no better way to round off the Christmas celebrations than some Christmas pudding with a great big dollop of brandy butter.

​​​​​​​Originating back to medieval England, also known as plum or figgy pudding, the traditional Christmas pud is very rich and dark - made up of nuts, spices, dried fruits and lashings of brandy or sherry. Customarily, Christmas pudding was made on ‘Stir Up Sunday’, the first Sunday before the start of Advent, and fed at regular intervals on the lead up to Christmas, allowing plenty of time for the flavours to mature. 

As a nation of self-proclaimed lockdown bakers, why not whip up a different kind of Christmas dessert this year? We’ve put together a few of our favourite recipes, with some lighter alternatives, for those of us who missed the ‘Stir Up Sunday’ memo. ​​​​

Take a look at these Recipes:


Baked Blackberry Rice Pudding by NEFF 

Have you got a plethora of wild blackberries in the freezer from all those lockdown adventures? This recipe from NEFF offers the perfect way to put them to good use, with a combination of sweet and sour flavours. Consisting of short-grain pudding rice, whole milk, vanilla bean paste, condensed milk, unsalted butter, ground cinnamon, and those blackberries, this no-fuss dessert is perfectly finished off with sprinkles of fresh mint. 

No-bake Mini Puds by The Happy Pear

If you’re confident making your dessert on the day, these ‘no-bake’ puddings from The Happy Pear only take 20 - 25 minutes. For these pretty little puds you’ll need: dried pitted dates, fresh sultanas, raisins, orange zest, flaxseed, dried cranberries, ground almonds, vanilla extract, allspice, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, coconut oil and orange juice. Once the puddings have firmed up in the fridge, finish them with icing. Deck the puds with fresh mint leaves and goji berries for garnishing.

Cranberry Meringue Solo Pots by AEG

These little pots of joy from AEG are simple, yet utterly scrumptious. A ginger nut base, cranberry cinnamon compote layer, topped off with a helping of meringue. Because who doesn’t love individually served dishes that save arguments over who got the biggest slice?

Speedy Little Carrot Muffins by Samsung

Sure to please your guests this Christmas, are these orange glazed carrot muffins from Samsung. Taking only 10 minutes to whip up, these light little desserts are perfect if you’re feeling a bit full after the Christmas dinner, and you can use up any carrots Rudolph left behind! Delicious and nutritious, these muffins require carrot grating, dashing through the dough, a microwave oven, and a decorative zesty glaze. Easy peasy orange squeezy!

Baking Spirits Bright

These alternative Christmas desserts are sure to tantalise your tastebuds, wow your guests, and save you some precious time! Don’t forget, all recipes are just meant as a guide, or a starting point. Adapt them to suit your taste buds and decorate them in whatever way you fancy! ​

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