Published 6th October 2021

Meet The Euronics Family

With the retail landscape back in full swing and a consensus that local retail has never been stronger, we’ve been busy catching up with your independent Euronics retailers… when we’ve managed to catch them without a customer that is!

With over 600 independently owned Euronics stores across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, allow us to introduce you to some of the superstars behind the businesses in your local community, that you’ve come to rely on for expert knowledge, trusted advice and a friendly local service.

Tony Edens (Alison Greenwood), Lincoln

A business owned by Sheila & Tony Edens since 1977, now run by daughter Alison since the passing of her Father, Tony Edens in Lincoln is the epitome of a family run business, with the involvement of Alison’s brother and his partner, as well as Alison’s daughter-in-law, Chloe, too. As well as the family members who are instrumental in the operation of the business, Tony Edens’ has the pleasure of loyal, dedicated staff members who have become part of the family - one of which has been with them for around 38 years (David)!

Keeping the business going through lockdown where sales came more from phone calls than online, Alison shares that if she could have a superpower, it would be the ability to read customer’s minds to understand what they are looking for! And her choice of where to be on holiday? The Maldives!

PJW Electrics Ltd (Jack Warnock), Newtownards & Comber

A business started 33 years ago by Paul & Jackie Warnock from selling vacuum bags, Domestic Appliance Sales has two shops in Northern Ireland - in Comber and Newtownards. Speaking to their son, Jack, who looks after sales and social media for the business, he tells us they managed lockdown in true Northern Irish fashion by putting their “heads down,” and with “family members and staff working overtime, that they couldn’t have done without”.

Tony Edens shop, High St, Lincoln

With a loyal customer base in their local community, PJW Electrics, see the same customers coming back time and time again, and have two sales staff members, Phil & Craig, that have also been coming back to the shop time and time again, to work -for 15 years now! Part of the community, the business supports their local football teams, in Comber & Newtownards and works with nursing homes in the area to repair appliances. If Jack could have a superpower, it'd be to fly. And where would he head off to? Malaga.

Ruben, PJW Electrics Ltd delivery department
From the archives, DR Electrical
Lucy Thomas, owner of Kensington Appliances

DR Electrical (Roberto De Rienzo), Leicester

On Loughborough Road, DR Electrical began back in 1971 when automatic washing machines were first introduced to the market, and founder, Leonardo De Rienzo, a trained electrical engineer was one of the first in the local area able to repair them! He did so from his parents garage, employing several engineers across the midlands, later adding to the business with the retail shop we know today. A Father & Son business, Leonardo’s son, Robert, has been part of the family business since he was 25 (now 40), and has taken over the running of the business - a transition forced by Covid-19.

As well as Leonardo and Roberto, DR Electrical have had many of their core delivery and repair staff with them since day one! Always doing their bit for their community, the business raises money for, and donates towards important local causes. And, in the business of electrical retail, they’re on a mission to keep the metal moving by repairing any appliances they can.

Dreaming of a future holiday, with a surname like De Rienzo, who can guess where Roberto would like to fly to when he can?

Wades (Luke Gammons), Ramsey

Catching Luke of Wades in Ramsey for a rare moment between customers and looking after the latest addition to his family, a beautiful baby girl (Toullah Ruby Gammons) we found out more about this popular local business.

Luke’s Grandad already owned the furniture and carpet shop next door, when he then decided to purchase H.R. Wades & Sons in November of 1973. A business dating back to 1918, the shop is owned by Luke and his parents, Alan and Annette, together changing the name to Wades (which is what the locals have called it for years).

With a number of long standing team members, Wades also employs Luke’s sister, Lydia, who looks after the website. Celebrating their 50th year in business in two years time, the business is in the process of converting flats into offices and a studio where Luke can create product videos and film demonstrations for youtube and social media purposes.

Whilst lockdown had its challenges with staff on furlough, Luke and his parents worked together from 7am until 10pm to ensure they could keep supplying appliances and hardware for local residents, as they were deemed an essential retailer. Also working to lift spirits of the Ramsey community, Wades collaborated with Ramsey Junior School to host a colouring competition whereby local children were asked to design a poster of the shop. All posters were displayed in Wades’ shop window and the top three drawings by Luke won prizes from the shop.

When he is able to, Luke looks forward to visiting Cyprus with his wife, Shellah, back to where they got married nine years ago. And if he could have a superpower it would be time/finding more hours in the day!

Luke Gammon, Wades

"Try Wades first mate"

Kensington Appliances (Lucy Thomas), Heathfield

Independently owned by Lucy Thomas, Kensington Appliances has been a busy store in High Street, Heathfield, since 1993. A family business also employing her son Felix, Lucy shares that she is very proud of her team of long standing employees who together make Kensington such a success. To ensure the safety of her customers and staff was prioritised when reopening after lockdown Lucy made a number of design modifications in-store, and as restrictions end she looks forward to getting more involved with the local community again by helping with events such as bonfire & fireworks nights.

Like many of our independent retailers, Lucy looks forward to a holiday when she can get away, saying that if she could have a superpower, it would be teleportation to take her straight to Australia to see her friends.

Celebrating Local

Whilst we’ve only highlighted a few, we think all of our independent store owners and staff members are superstars. We’d love to know who yours is…

The Euronics difference? A buying group, made up of 100’s of independent retailers across the UK, with family values and years of expert knowledge at its core.

What sets Euronics retailers apart?

  • Years of experience.
  • Community.
  • Family.
  • In-depth and unbiased product knowledge.
  • Customer service and after sales care.

On a high street local to you, pop in-store and get to know your local Euronics expert. Find your nearest here.

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