Published 1st March 2021

Food Waste Action Week

The UK’s Food Waste Action Week will run from Monday 1st March to Sunday 7th March.

​​​​​​​The aim is to bring together individuals and organisations from retail, manufacturing, local government, hospitality, and other industries to demonstrate how the impact of food waste affects people and the planet.

​​​​​​​According to WRAP, the organisation behind this initiative, around a third of the food we produce worldwide is lost or wasted, and it is having a significant impact on climate change. It contributes to a staggering 8-10%1 of total man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

That includes the food we buy but don’t eat, the food unused in supermarkets and waste from the hospitality industry. It is all fuelling the climate crisis and exacerbating the most urgent challenge we face today.

That’s why WRAP is dedicating this week to raise awareness of the effects of wasting food and promoting ways we can help reduce food waste and our impact on the environment.

Why We Need to Act

Despite consumers and businesses being more conscious in the UK more recently, food waste is still around 9.5 million tonnes (Mt), with 70% of that intended for human consumption (30% being the parts you can’t eat). The value of this figure is estimated to be around £19 billion a year and contributes to more than 25 Mt of GHG emissions. Of the food fit for consumption, over 15 billion meals, would create enough to feed the UK population three meals a day for 11 weeks2. These numbers are frightening, and something need to be done to reduce our food waste as a nation.

Every year, 45% of all fruit and vegetables and roughly 1/3 of the world’s overall food production for human consumption get lost or wasted3.

​​​​​​What Can We Do?

So how can we, as individuals, work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 of halving food waste by 2030? The following hints, tips and guidance aims to help you reduce your wastage, save you money and ultimately, help the environment.​​​​​

Product Technology

Bosch KGN39VWEAG Frost Free Fridge Freezer
Bosch has developed the VitaFresh system with the sole aim of keeping food like fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

One zone of VitaFresh has a low temperature of around 0 degrees, which you can store meat and fish hygienically in a separate drawer. This prevents transfer of odours as well as keeping bacteria away from other foods.

The big drawer is designed for storing fruit and vegetables. Due to the special seal, the inside of the drawer maintains optimum humidity and prevents moisture loss. Simply speaking, a Bosch fridge freezer with VitaFresh will keep fresh produce crisp.

Bosch’s FreshSense system uses sensors to constantly monitor and control the ambient fridge and freezer temperature to help preserve freshness and flavour.

Also included with the Bosch KGN39VWEAG is a five-year warranty for extra peace of mind. To find out more about this model, please click here.
Blomberg KFD4953XD Frost Free American Style Fridge Freezer
Blue Light Technology7
Blomberg’s innovative Blue Light technology illuminates the salad drawers with blue light, which allows fruit and vegetables to continue photosynthesis while in the fridge. This keeps your fruit and veg fresh, so less food is wasted, and you can make fewer trips to the shops.

Dual Cooling7
This Blomberg model has a dual cooling system that uses individual fans – one for the fridge compartment and another for the freezer. Since the freezing air circulates only in the freezer compartment, food is frozen faster. Separate air circulation also means less temperature variation in the fridge compartment, so food stays fresh for longer.

The Blomberg KFD4953XD is exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores, click here to find out more.

​​​​​​​Many of our American style refrigerators feature food preservation technology to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Please click here to view our range of models.
Beko FCFM1545W 55cm Frost Free Tall Freezer
Fast Freeze8
Ideal for locking in your food's vitamins and nutrients, the fast freeze setting in the top compartments of this freezer will freeze your food 10% faster than the other shelves.

Freezer Guard Technology
Beko’s amazing Freezer Guard technology is also included on this model. It works in sub-zero temperatures as low as -15°c, making it the perfect freezer for keeping in your garage, utility room or outbuilding.

While lesser models suffer compressor failures below 0°c, this tall freezer will still function perfectly. You’ll have the freedom to keep it anywhere – whether that’s in your kitchen as your main freezer, or elsewhere for a little extra storage space. It’s ideal for storing all those extra meals and leftovers!

The Beko FCFM1545W is exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores, click here to find out more.​​​​​

Reducing Food Waste4

Food Expiry Dates
The food expiry dates on packages give us an idea how long we can keep fresh produce in the fridge, but these dates merely act as a guideline rather than a steadfast rule. The first tip to reduce food waste is to use the eye-nose test. Once it goes off, most food will look and smell different to when it was bought fresh.

Keep Food for Longer
Cooked too much for dinner or bought something you won’t need for a while? Why not pop it in the freezer. Most food, either raw or cooked, can be frozen without too many issues – just make sure you check the packaging before you place it in the freezer. What’s more, to decrease waste further, you can divide it up into portions, so you only defrost what you need. It’s always a good idea to label and date your items so you know what you have. Most freezers have a four-star rating which means food can be stored safely for up to 12 months.​​​​​​​
Shop Smart
To avoid buying things you don’t need, check what you already have before leaving and make a list to prevent any wastage. There’s nothing more annoying than getting home from the supermarket to find you now have three packs of peppers and four cucumbers – something I have done many times.

Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms kitchen and garden waste into nutrient rich food for your garden. Almost half of the food waste in an average kitchen bin could have been composted. Many items can be turned into food for the soil such as egg shells, food scraps, and coffee grounds.

​​​​​​​To find out more about starting a compost bin, please visit the Recycle Now website here.​​​

Make use of Appliances

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ninja HB150UK Blender & Soup Maker

Transform fresh and leftover ingredients into delicious meals and drinks in one appliance. Blending and cooking at the same time, you can quickly turn leftover produce into tasty smooth and chunky soups, pasta sauces and lots more. A built-in heating element rapidly cooks ingredients to perfection, so you can have a hearty meal from appliance to table in minutes.

To find out more about the Ninja Blender & Soup Maker, please click here.​​​​

​​​​​​​Ninja QB3001UKS Blender & Smoothie Maker

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A small blender with big taste, pulse and blend your way to super smooth, great tasting ice-cool drinks and smoothies. Ideal for leftover fruits, the blades make light work of blending ingredients together – it can even accommodate ice. A personal model, it comes with two cups so you can enjoy your drinks on-the-go.

To find out more about the Ninja Blender & Smoothie Maker, please click here.​​

Recipe Ideas

Your food is at its best when it’s on your plate and not in the bin. An average family could save over £6010 per month by reducing their food waste. Why not take the first step today and try some recipes using what’s left over in your fridge?

Love Food, Hate Waste has put together a wide range of delicious tempting recipes to make use of those leftovers – whether it’s from a meal or a packet of peppers you haven’t got round to using – we think you will be pleasantly surprised. Have a look at their tempting dishes here.

Together, we can reduce food waste and help protect our planet for future generations.

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