Coronavirus (Covid-19) information for our customers.
While our store doors are temporarily closed, many can still be contacted for advice, support and more. Plus you can still shop online.


When it comes to health, we want the best for everyone. Our local independent shops kept their doors open for as long as possible because we know how important they are to our customers and local communities. But in response to the evolving Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, our shops have now temporarily closed. That said, many of our electrical specialists remain contactable so that they can continue to support you with technical advice and product information via phone and email, as well as through their own dedicated websites. You can find details of your nearest available Euronics specialist by visiting our Store Finder page. 

We also want you to know that you can still shop with us online, and you can be reassured that any online purchase will directly benefit our local stores.

We wish you well at this uncertain and difficult time, and we look forward to welcoming you back in store as and when it is possible.

Please keep visiting this page for the latest information.   (this page was updated  on 2nd April)


I’ve heard about inflated prices of some electrical items during the Coronavirus crisis. Will Euronics be doing this too?

No. At Euronics, we would like to reassure our customers of our position regarding price rises at this difficult time. We understand there are challenges for us all right now and Euronics has, and always will be, about supporting local customers in local communities. We’re here for the long term, as proven by so many of our stores having been local businesses in their towns for generations. It remains our intention to support you, our customers, throughout this period of difficulty for us all.

While we cannot promise there will be no price adjustments, reflected by costs passed to us by our suppliers, Euronics and its local members will not inflate prices to benefit from profiteering at a time when these essential items are in short supply. 

We thank you for your continued support throughout this time and look forward to supporting and serving you in your community, now and for many years to come.

How long do you expect to be closed for?

It’s unknown at the moment. All of our stores are independently owned and continue to follow advice from the Government and Public Health England. Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an evolving situation and we will keep you updated.

Can I still order online for delivery, what’s the delivery process now?

Yes. You can still continue to order at directly or with many of our local stores via their own websites. However, we suggest you read the full questions and answers shown on this page before you begin shopping online.

Contactless kerbside delivery may still be possible, and we recommend you speak with your local store about your needs before placing any order online. To find your local store, please click here.

Where a product needs to be delivered into the home, we are asking all of our stores to follow the guidance of Public Health England and practice safe distancing measures if entering a property and it is at the discretion of the local store staff if they are happy to do so;

- Home visits will be limited to only those deemed as essential for the most vulnerable or keyworkers.

- Customers will be asked to ‘make safe’ any areas where staff may be present prior to the visit. This means cleaning down any surfaces and areas that may need to be accessed in order to bring a product into the home.

- If you believe you have Coronavirus symptoms or are in an at-risk group, you will be asked to avoid close contact by maintaining a minimum two metres distance from any staff entering your property during the entire visit.

- If feasible, a customer with Coronavirus symptoms or in an at-risk group will be asked to remain in a separate room from where staff are present during the entire visit.

- Staff are asked to avoid touching or shaking hands.

- Staff are asked to decline offers of food and drink during their visit.

- Staff are advised to wash their hands regularly with soap and water or use hand sanitiser if making home visits.

What do I do if I’m self-isolating and I don’t want contact with the delivery driver?

Contactless kerbside delivery may be possible, and we recommend you speak with your local store about your needs before placing any order online. To find your local store, please click here.

Can I still use Click & Collect?

While you may still see this as an option on our website (we unfortunately cannot remove it at the moment), we’re very sorry but Click & Collect won’t be possible as our stores are temporarily closed.

Can I still arrange home installation and appliance disposal?

For the health and safety of everyone, our stores are advised not to offer installation and disposal services at the moment. And we have temporarily removed these options from our website. However, in exceptional cases only for the most vulnerable or keyworkers, some local stores may still be able to assist. It is at the discretion of the local store staff if they are happy to do so and we recommend you speak with your local store about your needs before placing any order online. To find your local store, please click here. 

If a delivery of a product or service is agreed with the local store under exception for the most vulnerable or keyworkers, we would ask that you refer to the above guidance regarding delivery.

Returning a product during Coronavirus outbreak?

Regrettably at this time, we are unable to collect products for return from customer homes, and so we’re unable to process refunds right now. We understand that this isn’t ideal and we recommend that you please contact your local store for guidance on the refund process that will be appropriate to you.

What if I have a query or complaint?

If your query relates to a purchase you have made in store, please get in touch with your local store directly. Our independent shops will do their very best to support you. If your query relates to an online purchase, please email