Fridge Freezers

Our wide range of fridge freezers have all the same great features as separate models and allow you to save loads of floor space in your kitchen. With a combined fridge freezer, the freezing compartment is located at the bottom, whilst the fridge is conveniently placed at the top, so you don’t have to keep bending down to get that pint of milk for your tea or tub of butter for your toast.

Tall and slimline models look compact and stylish in the kitchen, and are capable of holding enough food for any hungry family. Fridges have handy shelves and door compartments to help keep dairy, meats, liquids and other cool goods separate and organised. Salad crisper compartments are specially designed to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, whilst convenient trays keep eggs safe from any messy accidents.

Freezers have several transparent drawers to make choosing the dinner quick and easy. Reversible doors and adjustable feet also allow you to alter the model to suit your kitchen design.

Fridge Freezer Features

Our tall fridge freezers are manufactured by some of the best brand names in the industry, meaning each model has a variety of great features, offering value for money.

Fast freeze compartments freeze fresh food much quicker, ensuring your frozen goods retain their colour, flavour and texture.

Frost free features mean you don’t have to worry about defrosting the freezer. This feature also offers more space in each drawer, as the constant circulation of air stops ice from forming.

- Separate thermostats for the fridge and freezer compartment gives you the option of switching the fridge off, whilst keeping the freezer on – ideal if you’re going on a long holiday.

Fridge bottle racks are perfect for keeping wine and fizzy drinks neat and tidy.

Ice trays are great for ensuring you’ve always got a few cubes in the freezer when friends and family pop over for a beverage. These trays can also be used to freeze fresh fruit like strawberries and raspberries.

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