We all love keeping up with the designs and styles of today’s modern life. A popular choice nowadays is redesigning a kitchen so that all the appliances are built in. Not only does this look great and very stylish, it’s also extremely practical. It means that smaller items can be stored away into the tiniest of spaces and larger appliances become part of your kitchen’s cupboards and drawers. After all, the last thing you want to be doing when handling hot food is bumping into small fridges.

With designer kitchens such as these, it’s important to have appliances that suit the surroundings. We have a range of built in cookers that combine style with the very best of today’s technology.

Built in ovens

Whether you prefer to cook with gas or electricity, built in ovens are the most practical way of baking, roasting or slow cooking your food. Whilst they can be installed almost anywhere, the most popular place is putting them at eye level. Thanks to their glass doors, putting a built in oven at this height makes it easier to check the progress of your cooking. It also makes it safer. Bending down to get extremely hot food out of the oven and standing up to transfer it could be extremely dangerous if you were to lose your balance. By already having the food at eye level, the transferring process becomes much easier and safer.

Gas ovens

If you’re after an appliance that heats up quickly, then look no further. Gas ovens use an actual flame. The heat is available immediately and you don’t have to wait a period of time for any burners to warm up.

With TV shows such as The Great British Bake Off inspiring us to dig out the apron, mixing bowl and wooden spoon, you need to have an oven that will bake your food perfectly. When cooking with gas, the heat produced contains more moisture, so you can be sure your cupcakes won’t dry out.

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