Washing Machines

Their range of washing machines will take great care of your laundry, thanks to ingenious features and programmes.

The new LED display makes it even easier to use and additionally NEFF washers are also among the best in their class for efficiency and performance.


Washer Dryers

Need to save space in your kitchen or utility room?


Turn to NEFF washer dryers to combine a washing machine and tumble dryer in just one appliance. Not only are they easy and quick to handle but offer plenty of helpful features for your daily individual needs.


Tumble Dryers

If you want to spend more time wearing your favourite outfits than hanging them to dry, a tumble dryer is a must-have for your home.

Their visible LED displays lets you adapt cycles to your needs with ease, whether you need an anti-crease dry or a sensitive setting. Plus, intelligent technology senses when your laundry is dry, then stops the cycle automatically.

Laundry – Appliance Key Features


Whether you’re looking for a fast or more efficient wash, they have an option for you. Cut down on energy usage by up to 50% with our super saver feature, or, if you need something clean in a flash, try the fast option for 65% quicker washing.

Intelligent Water System

Integrated load and flow sensors make eco-friendly washing easy. The load sensor detects up to 256 levels, while the flow sensor identifies the materials – combined, they only give your laundry the water it needs.

Reload Function

Forgotten something essential or spotted a red sock with your whites? Just use the Start/Reload button to pause the wash and add or remove items.

Time Light

Ideal for open plan kitchens, the time remaining of your wash is projected clearly onto the floor. With Time Light, you won’t ever have to open the door to check if your laundry is ready.

Stain Removal Programme

Say goodbye to even the toughest of stains with NEFF’s targeted programmes. Featuring specialist settings for red wine spills, tomato splatters and butter/oil remnants, you’ll never have to worry about removing food-related stains.

Anti-Vibration Side Panels

NEFF’s new side panels improve your machine’s stability and decrease vibrations, even throughout the quickest spin cycles. With the - step system, motor vibrations are absorbed, un-centred laundry is balanced, and vibrations on the side walls are reduced. Enjoy a peaceful home with their quiet washing technology.