Ovens & Compact Ovens

Choose from single, double and compact models in the NEFF oven range. They’ll help you design your ideal kitchen with their easily-stackable single and compact appliances. The oven range enables you to enjoy cooking with innovative features including:

- Slide&Hide®, - CircoTherm®, - Pyrolytic Cleaning

Steam Ovens

Cook with steam and you’ll never look back: meat and fish come out incredibly tender, while colourful vegetables retain their nutrients. Get the perfect level of moisture with a Vario Steam oven. You also have the choice between Full Steam ovens, offering both 100% steam and traditional functions, or smaller 18-inch steamers, if steam is all you need.


Great meals come from great ingredients and appliances – so it’s important to pick a hob that suits your needs. Electric hobs offer versatility, and for speed and innovation, choose one of our induction or gas models. Unsure which one is right for you? Then why not look at the Domino range, which mixes features from all of the above hobs.


Making an impressive four-course dinner?

If you need to prepare a dish quickly, a microwave helps to get everything on the table at the same time.

Some of their helping hands include ovens with microwave functionality and built-in microwaves. The NEFF range has something to suit everyone.

Warming & Sous-Vide Drawers

Warming drawers support your cooking in a number of ways – they help you melt some chocolate, prove your bread, and keep plates or meals warm before you serve up. Intensifying flavours through innovative technology, their Sous-Vide drawers use their custom vacuum-seal Sous-Vide chamber system, to deliver excellent results every time.

Cooker Hoods

It’s amazing when steak is sizzling in your pan, and the smell is part of the cooking experience.

However, some odours are better removed from the experience. Their strong yet quiet extractor hoods offer the best solution, in a choice of sizes and models from the Chimney hood to the Island hood. Give your kitchen a breath of fresh air.

Coffee Machines

A NEFF built-in coffee machine uses Senso Flow brewing to get your drink to the ideal temperature – between 90 - 95°C. This unique feature gives every mug a smooth taste and rich aroma. Even better, the machine can match your kitchen’s décor. Designed with true coffee connoisseurs in mind, their compact coffee centres are the ultimate addition to any sociable kitchen.

Cooking – Appliance Key Features

Slide&Hide® Ovens

If you’re passionate about food no appliance should obstruct your cooking. NEFF’s unique Slide&Hide® door is the only oven door that slides away under the main oven cavity. This gives you better access, so you can taste, tend and peek to your heart’s content.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Say goodbye to oven scrubbing with this amazing technology. Activate the self-cleaning cycle, and temperatures of up to 485°C will turn food residue and splashes to ash. When your oven has cooled down, just wipe it away.


CircoTherm® lets you bake, cook and roast across all levels at the same time – so you can prepare three separate courses without mixing flavours between them.

Three courses, one oven: Use multi-level cooking to make an entire menu at once. Even better, each dish will retain its flavour without any cross-over.


Say goodbye to pre-heating: Cooking has never been quicker than with the PowerBoost function. Start the oven as soon as the food is inside, and you’re good to go.

An end to soggy bases: Using both CircoTherm® and bottom heat, CircoTherm® Intensive will give pizzas and artisan breads the crispiest crusts.

Vario Steam Ovens

If your oven sees all kinds of creations, Vario Steam will help you manage them to perfection. It adds the ideal amount of moisture, whether you’re reheating a meal after work, baking a birthday cake, or cooking a Sunday roast. Three levels of steam intensity give you more control, so your food is always beautifully juicy and tender.

Full Steam Ovens

NEFF Full Steam ovens ensure every meal is as vibrant as its ingredients. Expect deeper flavours and retained nutrients, ideal for when you’re cooking vegetables or fish. Combining steamer and oven functions, Full Steam gives you access to Vario Steam for more moisture in your food – the perfect option for any passionate cook.

Ingenious Flames Hobs

Are you a cook that prefers working with flames? Whether you’re stir-frying or slow-cooking, NEFF’s range of gas hobs will give all the power you need. Thanks to the nine-level FlameSelect®, you can adjust the flame just like an electric hob, so cooking becomes even simpler.

Ceramic Hobs

Boasting up to 17 power settings and a frameless design, NEFF Ceramic hobs help you express your individual creativity in the kitchen. Their expandable zone fits all sizes and shapes of pots and pans, while the enhanced touch control panel gives you full autonomy over your dishes.

Induction Hobs

NEFF’s FlexInduction hobs are fantastic for moving pans around flexibly. Detecting cookware automatically, they only apply heat to your pots where it’s needed. And, with a quick, easy rotation, the TwistPadFire® gives you full control over the hob’s temperature settings.

Domino Hobs

Enhance your cooking experience with a NEFF domino hob. This bespoke range lets you mix and match all the tools you need to prepare the most exciting recipes. From FlexInduction, gas, Teppan Yaki, wok, or Ceramic style, combined Domino hobs are built to suit your exact needs.