The Joy of Making with KitchenAid

Enjoy delicious homemade food with a complete range of stylish and robust appliances. These iconic designs are inspired by professionals so unleash your creativity.

A Culinary Centre

The KitchenAid stand mixer can power standard and optional attachments – from a pasta cutter to a citrus juicer. Whatever you want to make.

Bake Like a Pro

Mix up batches of cakes and cookies as well as dough or mashed potatoes. You’ll find a stand mixer sturdy and reliable and a hand mixer ideal for everyday tasks.

Love Fresh Ingredients

Pack plenty of nutritious ingredients into your diet with our food processor, blender or hand blender. It’s easy to slice, dice, crush and whiz up healthy recipes.

Kick Start Your Day

Wake up to a tasty breakfast with toasted artisan breads warmed in extra-wide slots. KitchenAid's generously sized kettle boils quickly and keeps water warm for longer.