Hotpoint's ActiveCare technology

removes stains at temperatures as low as 20oC, protecting your clothes so they stay looking their best, for longer.


ActiveCare Technology

ActiveCare technology pre-mixes water and detergent to create a powerful cleaning mousse, that penetrates deeply into fabrics, even at low temperatures, removing stubborn stains, such as wine, coffee, oil and tomato sauce.

Washing machines crafted with your home in mind.


Home Net

Stay connected to your washing machine, wherever you are. Set, pause and stop cycles on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

Final Care

This option will activate a special tumbling action for up to 6 hours at the end of the cycle, keeping your laundry soft and helping to reduce creasing.

Stop & Add

Dropped a sock on the way to the washing machine? With Hotpoint's Stop & Add you can add laundry to the wash during the first few minutes of the cycle.

Rapid Option

Reduce the wash duration by up to 50%, so there's no waiting around for your much-needed items.