Stress free drying for everything from woollens to cottons.


Perfect Temperature Control

Specific monitoring of the heater allows the machine to precisely control the temperature, keeping it constant, so it's gentle on fabrics.

Heat Pump Technology

Best in class for efficiency, heat pump works by removing moisture from your clothes and recycling it through the machine.

Anti-Stress Movement

Anti-stress drum movement ensures your clothes cling to the sides of the drum, minimising fabric abrasion to help stop your clothes from wearing out.

Drying cycles and features built with your home in mind.



Remove 99.9%* of bacteria from your wash and protect sensitive skin. 

*Tested by Allergy UK

Home Net

Stay connected to your tumble dryer, wherever you are. Set, pause and stop cycles on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

Sensor Drying

Hotpoint's Set & Forget drying cycle uses sensors to monitor the moisture levels inside the drum, so the appliance will automatically stop once your laundry reaches the desired drying level.


This is a short cycle that reduces creases in your laundry before ironing. An algorithm warms air up to 50oC to relax fibres and reduce wrinkles, with maximum care for your clothes.