Count on Hotpoint to help you cook with confidence.


Multiflow Technology

This technology distributes constant heat to every shelf, and monitors the temperatures so precisely, that you'll achieve consistently great bakes.

Electronic Temperature Control

Clever sensors that provide a consistent temperature throughout the entire oven, minimising temperatures swings to within only +/- 2oC.

Features built with your home in mind.


Pyrolytic Cleaning

Is a special cycle that safely locks the oven door and heats up to 470oC to burn off any fat and grease without having to use detergents. Simply dust away any residue once the cycle is complete. The oven door is locked for extra peace of mind.

Meat Probe

Our meat probe is a handy helper in the kitchen, so you can be sure your joints of meat are expertly cooked and melt in the mouth.

Expert Recipes

Provides recommendations for the ideal temperatures and shelf position for a variety of different dishes.

Telescopic Shelves

Move food in and out of the oven, simply and safely, with extendable telescopic shelves. You can baste, taste, and stir, safe in the knowledge that the shelf won’t tip.