Fast, safe and easy to clean - Induction Hobs have it all.


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A selection of pre-set functions activated with a single touch: Use melting for delicate sauces, simmering for gentle cooking, keep warm for maintaining serving temperature and quick boiling to rapidly reach boiling point.

Flexi Duo

Move your pot or pan from one zone to another, whilst maintaining the same heat level.

Active Heat

With Active Heat, the whole cooking surface is divided into independent zones with different temperature levels (low, medium and high).

Freedom and precision in the kitchen with Gas Hobs.


Direct Flame

No more heat and cold spots, just perfectly even heat across the entire surface of the pan.

Gas on Glass

The Hotpoint gas hob has an elegant glass surface, which offers a fresh touch to your kitchen style and makes cleaning a breeze.

Cast Iron Support

Cast iron’s tolerance to prolonged contact with heat and ability to withstand years of heavy-duty use makes it durable, so your kitchen can stand the test of time.

Total control with stylish flair with Ceramic Hobs.


Residual Heat Indicators

Residual Heat Indicators light up to tell you if the surface of a ceramic hob is still hot, even after you have turned off the controls, for extra safety.

Double Ring

Heating up in just five seconds, the double ring zone can be used as a single or double zone, depending on your pan size.

Oval Zone

For cooking flexibility with even your largest pots and pans. Use as a single zone, or a double zone for your largest pots, pans, griddles, and fish kettles.