Irons and Steam Generators

Turn ironing into less of a chore with a Bosch steam generator or iron. You’ll love their user-friendly, reliable designs and innovative features – including smooth soleplates and advanced steam distribution. Let Bosch help you look your best every day with their amazing range.

Kettles and Toasters

Whether you need coffee and tea or crumpets and toast in the morning, you can turn to the Bosch kettle and toaster range. They offer models that are both stylish in your kitchen and easy to use, including the latest heating technology. Why not view the range at your local Euronics store today!

Food Preparation

Bosch’s range of multi-functional kitchen machines, food mixers and processors are packed with innovative, labour-saving technology so you can chop, blend, shred, mix and whisk your way more quickly through your food preparation task to help save time and effort. 

TASSIMO Coffee Machines

Want to speed up your tea or coffee break? TASSIMO makes it incredibly simple to create a whole host of delicious hot drinks. Just pop in a T-DISC and press the button, then your machine will automatically prepare the beverage of your choice. You can make TASSIMO specialities effortlessly to enjoy with all!

Everyone is an amazing Chef with AutoCook

Get ready to cook dozens of tasty meals with minimal effort. The Bosch AutoCook lets you steam, roast, fry, and more with ease, so you can have something delicious on the table in a flash using one easy to use appliance.