Washing Machines

Looking for a freestanding or integrated machine? Bosch’s range of energy and water-saving technologies across the latest appliances gives you complete peace of mind when washing your clothes. Install a freestanding model in your kitchen, or a built-in machine into your units, the choice is yours.

Tumble Dryers

If tumble dryer efficiency is important to you, then look no further than Bosch. The patented Condenser intelligently self-cleans using condensation water, up to four times in every drying cycle. This means that you can enjoy ultimate efficiency for years to come, and won’t need to worry about your condenser again.

Washer Dryers

Do your bit for the environment with one of Bosch’s washer dryers. They use half the water of standard models, but perfectly clean and dry twice the amount of laundry. If you’ve got a smaller kitchen or utility room and still want amazing results, try their all-in-one machines.

Bosch washing machines are tested a thousand times, for only one result: Quality

Before any Bosch washing machine leaves the factory, they test every tiny detail and subject the machine to endless stress tests. Only when every one of the, roughly 1,000, components in their washing machines completely meets Bosch’s high standards of quality, functionality and reliability is it ready to face its most important challenge: being used by you at home.

When it comes to your washing, only the best is good enough

Constant improvement is at the heart of Bosch manufacturing. Whether you’re buying a washer dryer, tumble dryer, or washing machine, it will offer more than just great cleaning and drying. They aim to give you ultimate reliability and convenience, with minimum usage of water and energy.

​​​​​​​i-DOS - Intelligent detergent dosing from Bosch

Experience the latest technology with Bosch appliances. It automatically works out and distributes the ideal amount of detergent for your laundry, even down to the millilitre. i-DOS uses sensors to determine the size of the load, the level of soiling, and the type of fabric, then customises the detergent to suit these factors. This means that you’ll get a much more efficient wash – you can reduce detergent by up to 30%, water usage by up to 7000 litres annually, and your average cycle by 14 minutes. So guessing how much detergent you should add to your load will be a thing of the past.

Never miss an item again. Reload by Bosch

Forgotten to put something in your washing machine? Reload by Bosch lets you add in extra items or take them out.

It’s easy – simply pause the cycle, open the door, and make sure that all your clothes are loaded into the drum and continue the wash for a flawless wash.

AutoStain Removal; let your washing machine take care of common stains so you don’t have to

Everyday stains like red wine and grass are targeted individually by Bosch washing machines with AutoStain. This clever technology alters the soaking period, water temperature, and drum rotation to remove even the most stubborn marks from your clothes.

​​​​​​​ActiveOxygen™ washing machine

Take care of your most delicate items and say goodbye to colour fading with ActiveOxygen™. This intelligent system removes 99.99% of germs and bacteria, while protecting clothes by washing at low temperatures without chemical additives.

Everyone’s lifestyles are different – that’s why Bosch created VarioPerfect™

Washing machines with VarioPerfect™ can help you get the laundry done when you’re on a tight schedule, or even reduce your energy consumption. You can choose from two options for incredible results with every cycle. Short on time? SpeedPerfect can clean a full load in only an hour*, so you can freshen up those last-minute outfits. Or, if you have longer and prefer to be more environmentally friendly, take a look at EcoPerfect. No matter your choice, you’ll have perfectly clean laundry with every wash.

* Compared to just over two and a half hours on Easycare 40°C wash programme.