Active Oxygen reduces 99% of bacteria and viruses*,

preserving the freshness of your food, while keeping bad odours at bay.


Total No Frost technology

Consistently circulates air around both the fridge and freezer preventing ice and moisture build up, so no more soggy salads and you'll never have to defrost your fridge or freezer again.

Features tailored to keep your food fresh for longer.


Active Fresh

This technology quickly restores temperature if you've accidentally left the door open for a while, helping to keep your food preserved.

Fresh Zone

The Fresh Zone 0oC creates the right environment to care for your meat and fish, maintaining the ideal temperatures of 0oC, for long lasting freshness.

Convertible Zone

Turn your freezer into a fridge at the touch of a button whenever you need additional  fridge space.

Fresh Zone+

Maintains the right temperature and humidity levels to keep freshness of your favourite fruit and veggies for longer.

*ISO 9001-2001 certification. Tests performed by Sereco-Biotest Laboratory

*Virucidal field tests done by Notovir srl following the Guidance on the BPR, Vol. Il Parts B+C, v. 3.0 Apr 2018 and including also Human Coronavirus OC43 for 24 hours at 4oC. Results referred to Murine Norovirus and Human Coronavirus OC43 and may vary based on shelf positioning and presence/absence of packaging. Tests on bacteria done by an independent laboratory on Petri plates in the 24 hours, according to ISO 22196. bacteria tested E.Coli and St. Aureus."