Published 7th April 2021

A Guide to Floorcare Technology

The ever-expanding range of vacuum cleaners currently on the market can be overwhelming. With sticks and cylinders, handhelds and uprights, finding one that’s suitable for all your cleaning needs – whether that’s carpets, hard floors, stairs, pet hair or all of the above – can be stressful.

​​​​What’s more, the world of vacuum cleaners has transformed with modern technology so it can be difficult to differentiate between models, brands and the features they offer. We’re here to help translate the tech jargon so you can make the right choice for your home.  

For a more comprehensive guide to buying a new floorcare appliance, please visit our Buyer's Guide.


Types of Technology

Anti Hair Wrap

Tired of hair wrapping round your brush roll and having to remove it by hand?

Shark’s Anti Hair Wrap technology actively separates and removes hair from the floorhead as you clean – keeping it tangle free. Perfect for removing long, short and pet hair on a variety of floor types including laminate, stone, and parquet.

This feature is available on the following Shark models: NZ801UK , NZ802UKT and IZ201UK .​​​​​

Ball Technology

Technology has moved on from swivel steering, which lets you tilt your machine sideways to move around obstacles. Ball-based manoeuvrability – made famous by Dyson – makes steering even easier and cleaning even smoother.

Dyson models which feature ball technology include: SMALLBALLALLERGY , BIGBALLMULTIFL2 and BIGBALLANIMAL2 . 


If your home has different floor types, one floorhead may not be enough to give each surface a thorough clean. Generally speaking, most vacuums either come with a self-adjusting floorhead or a hard surface floorhead and neither will work interchangeably. Plus, If the floor head is missing a rotating brush, it will likely drag along the floors as you vacuum as there’s nothing to raise it. This will particularly make it harder to run it over long pile carpet. If this sounds familiar, take a look at the different floorheads currently on the market.​​​​

Dynamic Load Sensor

In Auto mode, Dyson DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor) technology inside the High Torque cleaner head monitors brush bar resistance 360 times a second, automatically adjusting power across all floor types. So you can deep clean between carpets and hard floors without any fuss.

You can find Dynamic Load Sensor on the following Dyson models: V11TORQUEDRIVE , V11ABSOLUTE , V11ABSOLUTE+ .​​​​
AllFloor HighPower Brush

Bosch’s AllFloor HighPower brush works at around 5000 revolutions per minute, which means it can achieve perfect cleaning results on all floor types from carpet to tiles without the need to change attachments.

You can find the AllFloor HighPower Brush on the following Bosch models: BCH6HYGGB , BBS611GB and BCS612GB .​​​​​

Discover Shark’s innovative DuoClean® floorhead. The DuoClean combines two brush rolls in one floorhead, gliding from carpets to hard floors effortlessly. The bristle brush cleans deep in carpets, while a second, soft bristle roll actively pulls in large and small debris and lifts stuck-on dirt from hard floors.

You can find DuoClean on the following Shark models: NZ801UK , NZ801UKT and IZ201UK .​​​​​

Pet Vacuums

Pet hair can be a real pain to clean. You’ll need a vacuum with a beater brush, turbo tool or specific pet attachment to keep everything spotless – some models are even designed just for pet owners.
Handheld cleaners can also help you regularly keep on top of pet hair.

A special pet tool is either a type of small turbo brush (with a rotating brush), or an upholstery tool (without one). They’re specifically designed to remove hair, along with the allergens it contains.

Euronics have a wide range of vacuum cleaners from various brands especially designed for homes with pets.

These include: 

​​​​​​​Bosch BCH86PETGB , Miele HX1CAT&DOG , Miele CX1CAT&DOGShark NV602UKT , Shark NZ801UKTDyson V10ANIMAL and Dyson V11AMIMAL .

Vacuum Innovation


Vacuuming everywhere is now possible thanks to Bosch’s 2-in-1 design. Used on its own, it can power through your floors in no time. Or, remove the handheld from the stick and use with the included attachments to clean surfaces, ceilings, sofas, under furniture and even the car. Enjoy complete cleaning freedom with a Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner.

You can find 2-in-1 technology on the following Bosch models: BBH3251GB and BBH3211GB .


Miele’s innovative, lightweight, 3-in-1 design allows you to detach the unit from the stick – which converts to a hand-held device for quick cleaning and tackling car interiors. Or, if you need to clean those hard-to-reach areas, like behind furniture or underneath beds, you can position the unit at the top or bottom of the wand.

You can find 3-in-1 technology on the following Miele models: HX1POWER and HX1PRO .​​​​

Powered Lift-Away

Shark has developed their signature Lift-Away technology for flexible cleaning. At the touch of a button, you can simply lift the detachable canister away from the floorhead to create a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner that you can take anywhere. Clean stairs and sofas to curtains and soft furnishings with complete freedom.

You can find Powered Lift-Away on the following Shark models: NV602UK , NV602UKT , NZ801UK and NZ801UKT .

​​​​​​​Jet Cyclone Technology

Dust, dirt and debris are no match for Samsung’s Jet Cyclone technology. With nine cyclones and up to 150 W of suction power, drag is minimised while the air-flow boosting design picks up even the finest household dust for a thorough clean every time.

You can find Jet Cyclone technology on the following Samsung models: VS15T7031R4 and VS15T7036RS .​​​​

​​​​​​​Euronics offer a wide range of floorcare solutions from well-known household brands you know and trust, to take a look, head here.
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