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UHD Televisions

Superior to Full HD, Ultra-High Definition (also known as UHD or UHD 4K) is the next generation of TV technology. A UHD TV’s screen boasts a 2160 x 3480 resolution – four times the pixels of Full HD. You’ll experience smoother images, more detailed scenes and better-defined objects onscreen.

Beyond HD

Looking for a larger TV? A UHD TV’s improved resolution makes it the perfect fit, maintaining detail and clarity across much larger areas than Full HD.

UHD TVs have even more to offer with their refresh rates – these can be as high as 120 Hz, double that of Full HD. Combined with frame insertion and clever backlight technology, these TVs reduce motion blur for a smoother picture. Fast-paced sporting events and action movies look more lifelike than ever on a UHD TV.

4K Content

4K has become the natural successor to Full HD. Now, there are more ways than ever to find titles in stunning quality. On-demand streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube have a growing 4K library – so you can enjoy a broad selection of films, series and documentaries. Amazon Prime even offers free access to some 4K content.

You can also use 4K TVs with UHD Blu-Rays – these produce higher image quality using HDR (High Dynamic Range) and support Dolby Atmos sound. See your favourite films and series at their very best, in ultra-high definition.

Experience a level of detail and colour beyond Full HD with our range of 4K UHD televisions. Select a model for more information.

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