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We have fantastic range of speakers for people looking to enhance their audio experience. Whether you want to listen to your favourite music or experience sound effects from your gaming system, investing in speakers is a must.

Featuring big brands like Samsung and LG, you can be certain of the quality of your product.

Enhance Your Entertainment Technology

Modern televisions offer a fantastic visual display, but you may find them a little wanting in the audio department. Investing in a decent speaker setup will drastically improve your audio and overall experience.

If you’re a massive music fan and have invested in 100’s of songs or a music service subscription, you want to enjoy the very best audio performance you can. Many of our speakers offer High Definition Audio, so you can hear your music the way the artist intended.

Extra Connectivity

Many of our speakers offer wireless connections with your TV, reducing the clutter in your living room. It also allows you to position your speaker wherever you want it, giving you complete freedom and flexibility.

You can also stream music from your smartphone or tablet. Just select what you want to play from your mobile device, and our clever speakers will take care of the rest.

This increased connectivity lets you create music networks using our range of speaker hubs. Enjoy music throughout your house, or have multiple speakers in one room.

You can also see our range of multi-room bridges that are designed to play music in multiple rooms of your home.

Compact Design

No-one wants their speakers to dominate the space, so many of the models in our range are designed to be compact. This allows you to discretely position them so the only time you remember they’re there is when you play sound through them.

View the full range below or contact your local store for more information.  

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Samsung Subwoofer


This wireless subwoofer by Samsung is designed to complement the MS Series soundbar perfectly. It stands alone and easil...

  • Product Model SWA-W700/XU
  • Minimum Frequency Response 27 Hz
  • Maximum Frequency Response 120 Hz
  • Stock Type Agency
1 Year Warranty
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