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Hisense LED Televisions

Our range of Hisense LED TVs has something for everyone. Whether you want a huge entertainment hub or a smaller model for a kitchen or bedroom, you won’t be disappointed.

Screen Sizes to Suit

We’ve got everything from smaller 32-inch models that are perfect as secondary TVs, all the way up to 65-inch models for the full home cinema experience.

HD to UHD/4K

We have screen quality to fit any budget. Full HD is the standard nowadays, with a great resolution and plenty of content available. Our Hisense range includes models that offer a 1080p High Definition picture, and great value for money too.

For those that want a whole new level of picture quality, take a look at our Hisense Ultra HD or 4K LED TVs. These offer lifelike images that have to be seen to be believed.

Freeview HD Built in

We all like things to be a bit more convenient. That’s why some of our Hisense models come with Freeview HD built in. This gives you access to dozens of channels, in glorious High Definition, at the push of a button.

This also frees up space on your TV stand and gives you one less thing to plug in. It also means you have more flexibility when it comes to wall-mounting.

Smart capabilities

Take a look at our Hisense smart TVs too. These fantastic models provide a wealth of extra online features to keep you entertained. These include catch-up services, so you never miss your favourite shows, and access to premium streaming services like Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix.

Get access to hundreds of films, TV shows and more – all available quickly and easily.

Curved Screens

If you’re after something with wow-factor, try a curved screen. These models look stunning and provide better viewing angles and enhanced depth for greater immersion.

Our Hisense LED TVs offer everything you could possibly need. Browse our full range below.

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