Published 12th August 2021

The Best Freezers For An Outbuilding

Store More, Waste Less With Extra Freezer Storage 

A modern-day essential for every home, we couldn’t do without refrigeration appliances to keep food cool and stored safely. With more time being spent at home and a tendency towards meal preparation to allow for the busier weeks, it can be hugely beneficial to have additional freezer storage. You’ll save time with less frequent supermarket trips, you’ll feel more organised in the knowledge that you have meals prepared that can quickly be put in the oven in the case of unexpected guests, and you’ll waste less food by popping items in the freezer that wouldn’t otherwise get used before their use by date.

​​​​​​​Baby It’s Cold Outside

Some homes have the luxury of a utility room or a large kitchen that can house multiple appliances, but due to space constraints, if the additional freezer needs to be kept in the garage or an outhouse it’s important to know which freezers are guaranteed to continue to perform optimally in colder environments. 

Whilst we’re lucky in the UK that the temperature doesn’t tend to drop as low, many freezers are capable of being stored in temperatures as low as -10°C. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the manufacturer’s warranty will cover them being kept in garages or cold buildings should they fail, unless they are fit for purpose, or the building has been insulated and is climate controlled.
If you’re in need of a new refrigeration appliance or would like help understanding the different technologies and styles on the market, our handy buyers guides will help guide you through which fridge, freezer or fridge-freezer is best for your home and lifestyle needs. Whilst fridges aren’t recommended to be kept in the garage, in case you didn’t see it, one of our independent retailers, John Kerry & Sons in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire recently came across a vintage 1930’s Electrolux fridge stored in a customer’s garage since 1949, used for storing apples in Summer or for extra space at Christmas - and very much still working!

​​​​​​​You can have a peek at this long standing appliance article here

​​​​​​​Freezer Technology Suitable For Garage Storage 

Designed to work in lower temperatures, some freezer models from Beko, Hotpoint and Fridgemaster are guaranteed to keep functioning efficiently in as chilly as a -15°C environment. 

Exclusive to Euronics UK online and Euronics UK stores, this 55cm Frost Free Tall freezer from Beko features built-in Freezer Guard technology which allows you to keep your freezer anywhere in your home - kitchen, garage or outbuilding, even in Winter. ​​​​

If it’s a chest freezer you are after, the following Fridgemaster models highlight WinterGuard, enabling you to keep them in garages or outbuildings that could reach -15°C;
  • Four star rated with 198 litres of net storage the MCF198 can store food for up to 34 hours in the event of a power cut! 
  • With enough space for 17 bags of shopping, the MCF306 is ideal for stocking up for larger families, those who love to host, or those that like to have extra, just in case. 
  • For a more compact freezer that remains functioning in lower temperatures, the MCF96 is just 54.6cm wide, offering plenty of storage, for narrow spaces. 

Not only for hygiene reasons, but it’s also important not to forget to clean your freezer regularly to maintain optimum working order. With our refrigeration cleaning tips here, you can ensure you keep your freezer health in check, performing for longer, and avoid a frosty reception from your food.​​
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