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Frigidaire Fridges

Our range of Frigidaire fridges provide fantastic food storage and even better value. Available in different styles and sizes, we’re sure you’ll find the right fridge here.

Space and Style

Whether you want a large fridge that you can cram over a weeks’ worth of food into, or a smaller model that fits comfortably under your kitchen counters, you’ll find a Frigidaire fridge that’s perfect for you.

Tall models have a capacity of around 400 litres! Take advantage of special offers in the supermarket and buy in bulk.

Our range of Frigidaire larder fridges are surprisingly spacious for such compact appliances. Comfortably fit all your groceries inside to keep them fresh, in an appliance that fits under your kitchen worktops for a seamless look. Larder models are also excellent backup fridges if you have a large family.

Energy Efficient

It is increasingly important to cut down energy consumption. One of the best ways of doing this is through purchasing energy efficient appliances that require less power to run.

Frigidaire have designed their line of fridges to be easy on your pocket and the environment – all models in our range have a fantastic A+ energy efficiency rating. Save money every day of the year.

Convenient Features

Frigidaire have included some great features that make their fridges more convenient and effective.

The entire range comes equipped with auto defrost technology. This allows the appliance to prevent a build-up of ice at the back of the fridge by automatically melting any that forms. This water is then gathered and evaporated by the condenser motor.

Worried about noisy appliances disturbing you? Our Frigidaire range has models that run at only 38 dB.

Useful LED lights offer great illumination, letting you easily find what you’re looking for with minimal rummaging, and use very little energy to run.

Check out our full range of Frigidaire fridges today.
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