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Frigidaire Fridge Freezers

Finding the right appliances for your home can be tricky, but our range of Frigidaire fridge freezers is sure to have one that’s right one for you.


There are lots of different fridge freezers in the range, so you can pick the configuration that works best for you. Want a larger fridge and smaller freezer? No problem. You can even pick whether the freezer is at the top or bottom.

Or maybe you want a configuration that’s closer to 50/50? Simple. We even have compact fridge freezers available, for households that are short on space.

With so much choice, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

A+ Energy Ratings

We all want appliances that are cheap to run. One of the best ways of picking an efficient appliance is to look at the energy efficiency ratings – the better the grade, the more efficient the appliance.

All the Frigidaire fridge freezers we offer are A+ energy efficiency rated. This saves you money while the appliance is running – for a fridge freezer, that’s all the time. It also reduces your impact on the environment. These models are easy on the wallet and easy on the planet.

Feature Filled

Frigidaire equip their appliances with some great features to keep all your produce perfectly chilled. Worried about power cuts? Invest in a model with a power failure feature. When the appliance stops receiving power, this feature will protect your frozen produce for a number of hours. This can save you lots of money and waste.

Quick freeze settings rapidly freeze food, locking in taste and nutrients while preserving texture. You should also look out for frost free models. These prevent build-ups of ice, which can hamper performance, take up space and are a hassle to manually remove.

Euronics Exclusives

Some of the products in our Frigidaire fridge freezer range are exclusive to Euronics – you won’t find these fantastic appliances anywhere else.

Take a look at the full range below and order your new Frigidaire fridge freezer today.
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