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Zanussi Tumble Dryers

Zanussi produce intelligent technology at affordable prices. Their tumble dryer range includes condenser and vented designs with a whole host of clever features.

Many of our models are exclusive to Euronics. Choose your model here.

Vented or Condenser?

Your choice of tumble dryer will be partly dictated by the space you have available. If it’s going to be installed near a window or external wall you can send the hot air and moisture outdoors through a vent.

If you don’t have this flexibility, try one of Zanussi’s great condenser models. These tumble dryers turn humid hot air back into water inside the machine, so there’s no need to worry about vents or pipes. We even have a tumble dryer with heat pump technology. This clever condenser design will reheat the air inside the machine, saving energy and money.

Plenty of Room

Our 7 kg Zanussi tumble dryers are the ideal size for most households. They’ll handle average washing loads easily, and you’ll still be able to fit in large items like towels and bedding.

For a little more room opt for an 8 kg model. This is an ideal time saver if you have a large family.

Functions and Features

Make the laundry easier for yourself with Zanussi’s handy features. Different programmes tweak the temperature and speed to suit various load types, reducing shrinkage and helping you speed through the ironing. Choose a tumble dryer with a reverse spin option to reduce creasing even more.

A model with a delay start function helps you make the most of cheaper overnight electricity rates, while a high tech sensor can assess how damp your clothes are and stop the cycle when they’re dry.

Large access doors make loading and unloading less strenuous, and all our Zanussi tumble dryers have a clean white finish to complement your kitchen or utility room.

Make the weekly laundry less of a chore with a Zanussi tumble dryer - buy yours here.
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Zanussi 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer


With a 7 kg capacity and a whopping 14 programmes to choose from, the Zanussi ZTE7101PZ tumble dryer is a fantastic hom...

  • Product Model ZTE7101PZ
  • Drying Technology Vented
  • Loading Type Front Loading
  • Stock Type Agency
1 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
Zanussi 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer


The ZDP7202PZ tumble dryer takes the hassle out of drying clothes. Just load up the drum, select one of the eigh...

  • Product Model ZDP7202PZ
  • Drying Technology Condenser
  • Loading Type Front Loading
  • Stock Type Agency
1 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
Was £329.99
Save £30.00
Now £299.99
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