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Small Appliances Glossary

360⁰ Swivel Base

Kettles with 360⁰ bases can be picked up and returned to their base from any angle, for added convenience. That can also be rotated on the base, so you can reach the handle more easily.


This Bosch feature is designed to leave your iron spotless. This cleaning system uses a self-cleaning filter, anti-calc cartridge, cleaning liquid and the Calc n’ Clean function to keep your appliance operating at its best.

Advanced Steam System

Bosch models with an advanced steam system have an improved soleplate design, more efficiently channelling steam.


Anti-calc systems collect calc/scale inside the iron, preventing it from getting on your clothes. You can then empty the calc container at a later date.


Prevents drops of water from building up on the iron’s soleplate and dripping onto your laundry.

Anti-Slip Feet

Located on the base of the appliance, these rubber feet prevent the device from moving around when in use.

Auto Centre Guide

This Bosch feature ensures your bread is evenly toasted, even at the edges.

Auto Shut-Off (Kettle)

This safety feature shuts the kettle off as soon as it has finished boiling.

Auto Shut-Off (Steam Iron)

This function will turn your steam iron off if it has been left unattended for a set amount of time.

Auto Temperature Programme

Some steam generators can automatically adjust their temperature to suit the fabric being ironed. Whether you’re getting creases out of delicate garments or thick fabrics, there’s no need to adjust the temperature settings with this great feature.

Bagel Setting

This setting regulates the heating elements inside your toaster, ensuring that your bagels are toasted in the middle without burning on the outside.

Bar Pressure

The more bars of pressure that your steam iron uses, the deeper it can penetrate into fabrics. This helps to relax and remove creases in your laundry with minimal effort.

Boil-Dry Protection

This safety feature prevents the kettle from heating up if it does not contain enough water to boil.

BPA Free

The plastic in the appliance is free from Bisphenol-A, for a safer product.


Found on almost all toasters, the Cancel button allows you to manually pop out your toast.

Ceranium Glissée soleplate

An innovative feature found on Bosch steam irons, which is specially designed to distribute steam and glide over clothing with ease.

Concealed Element

Many kettles now have concealed heating elements, making them safer and easier to clean.

Cool-touch Body

Built-in insulation will keep the outside of the kettle cool, so it is safe to touch.

Crumb Tray

Collects any dropped bread crumbs during toasting. Many crumb trays are removable for easy cleaning.

Defrost Setting

This mode is used to thaw out frozen bread in your toaster.

Easy Clean

On Bosch models, this feature means the kettle has a wider opening, making it easier to get inside and clean. This also makes it easier to empty and refill the kettle.

Eco Mode

This programme uses less power, helping you to save energy when your clothes are lightly creased.

Extra Lift

This allows you to raise the toasting carriage a little higher, so it’s easier to get smaller food items out of the toaster.

Grinding Blade

An additional blade used to blend harder items, like nuts.

Heat-up Time

The length of time it takes for a steam generator to reach its operational temperature.


Found on Bosch steam generator irons, HygienicSteam kills 99.9% of bacteria with the heat and pressure of steam.

Keep Warm Function

This handy Bosch feature allows you to keep water at a specified temperature or up to 30 minutes after the kettle has boiled.

Locking Lid

This safety feature keeps the kettle’s lid firmly shut when the appliance is in use.

Motor Safety Cut-out

This Smeg feature cuts power to the blender if its motor should become overloaded.

Multipurpose Attachment Hub

Found on KitchenAid stand mixers, the multipurpose attachment hub allows you to attach different tools (e.g. whisks and blades) for more cooking options.

Non-Drip Spout

Prevents any drips or spills onto your worktop when pouring.

Pause Toasting

Use this feature to temporarily pause toasting, so you can check whether your toast is done to the desired level. If it’s not quite there, you can resume toasting without starting again.

Permanent Refill System

Found on Bosch steam generator irons, this feature tops up the boiler from a large cold water tank, so you never have to wait for the water in your iron to reheat.

Personal Blending Cups

A smaller blender cup, designed to hold one portion. Perfect when you’re preparing a treat for one.

Planetary Mixing Action

This mixing setting moves the drive shaft in one direction and the beater in the opposite direction. This ensures that all ingredients are successfully combined.

Pulse Function (Blender)

Found on most blenders, the pulse function gives you more control. The pulse button will give powerful blending when pressed and held, allowing you to give your ingredients short blasts until they’ve reached the desired consistency.

Pulse Function (Stand Mixer)

A pulse function makes the mixer work at its fastest speed, stopping as soon as you release the button.

Removable Filter

The mesh filter found in the spout of your kettle, preventing limescale from making its way into your drink. This filter can be removed for easier cleaning. Also referred to as a limescale filter.

Safety Lock

This safety feature ensures that the blender cannot be used when the jug has been removed from the appliance’s base.

Shredding Disc

These metal discs will sit in the jug of a blender, with grates to shred and slice fruits and vegetables. Achieve fine or coarse results.

Soft Start (Blender)

This features begins blending slowly and gradually increases the speed, for powerful blending with no spills.

Soft Start (Stand Mixer)

A Smeg feature, Soft Start allows the mixer to build momentum before reaching its full speed. This helps to prevent spills and accidents.


Located at the bottom of your steam iron, the soleplate can be stainless steel or ceramic, distributing heat to your clothes.

Splash Guard

Some models of stand mixer come with a removable splash guard, preventing mixed ingredients from spilling out and making a mess of your kitchen counters.

Steam Rate

As your iron continuously generates steam, this setting allows you to control the amount of steam produced.

Steam Shot

Use these short, intense bursts of steam to handle more stubborn creases in your laundry.

Tapered Sole Plate

These models have an elongated tip on their sole plate, making it easier to navigate around zips and buttons when ironing.

Toasting Levels

These adjustable settings allow you to determine how well browned your toast will be. Higher levels will result in a greater degree of toasting and vice versa.

Variable Speed

Stand mixers typically come with a range of mixing speeds, giving you more flexibility in how you use the appliance.

Variable Steam Power

Allows you to adjust power, humidity and direction of the steam output.

Variable Temperature

As different varieties of tea and coffee are best prepared with different temperatures of water, variable temperature kettles allow you to set an exact temperature for your water to reach.

Vertical Steam

Use your Bosch iron like a steamer to easily remove creases from hanging garments or curtains.

Warming Rack

Warming racks sit over the slots of your toaster, allowing you to heat up bread and other baked goods without directly toasting them.

Water Level Indicator

Often found on the side or handle of your kettle, the Water Level Indicator shows how full the appliance is. Check at a glance whether more water needs to be added.

Water Tank (Iron)

The capacity of your iron’s water tank will dictate how long the model can produce steam before needing to be refilled.

Water Tank (Steam Generator/Iron)

The capacity of your appliance’s water tank will dictate how long the model can produce steam before needing to be refilled.

Weight Sensors

Also referred to as ‘Load Sensor’, this feature measures the weight of your ingredients so you can keep track at a glance.

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