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Laundry Glossary

15 Minute Quick Wash Programme

Performs a cycle in 15 minutes – useful for cleaning clothes in a hurry.

30@30 Programme

This Zanussi programme lets you pop in a 3 kg load for a quick, 30 minute wash – perfect if you need something washed quickly.

Acoustic Alarm

Sounds when cycle finishes on Bosch washing machines.

ActiveWater Technology

This Bosch feature uses sensor technology to automatically adjust the amount of water based on the size of the load. This can save time, energy and money. Other brands also have features to determine water usage. See ‘Water Adjustment Systems’ for more.

Additional Rinse Programme

An Additional Rinse Programme allows you to add an extra rinse, or set of rinses, to the end of your washing cycle. An extra rinse can help to wash out any remaining detergent in clothes, making it useful to those with sensitive skin. Also called ‘Additional Rinse Cycle’.

AddWash Door

This Samsung feature allows you to add additional garments or fabric conditioner to machine after it has started a programme. A small door within the main door means the machine doesn’t need to drain all the water before allowing you to add extra items.

Adjustable Feet

Located at the bottom of your appliance, you can change the height of these feet to keep your machine level. See also ‘Levelling Legs’.

All in One 20 / 59 Programme

The Hoover All in One 20 programme allows you to wash a mixed load at 20°C without compromising on results. Alternatively, you can wash a full 9kg mixed load in just 59 minutes using the All in One 59 cycle.

Allergen Programme

Designed to combat common allergens such as dust mites and pollen. Also called ‘Allergen Cycle’ and ‘Allergy Cycle’, ‘Hygiene Cycle’ and ‘Hygiene Mode’.

Allergy+ Setting

This laundry cycle features on some Bosch models, removing allergens from your garments. It does this by extending wash time at the appliance’s maximum temperature, increasing the water level and adding an extra rinse cycle. Bosch Allergy+ reduces allergens that irritate sensitive skin, removes 99.9% of pollen and 99.9% of pet hair. This is a form of ‘Anti-Allergy Function’.

Analog Controls

Settings are determined by electromechanical controls (e.g. manual dials and door latches). Opposite of ‘Digital Controls’.

Anchor Bolts

If you need to move your washing machine, anchor bolts secure the drum during transit. It’s helpful to keep hold of them when you buy your machine in case you move in the future. Also called ‘Transit Bolts’.


Available on selected Hotpoint tumble dryers. The ‘wave’ design on the inside of the drum results in a gentler cycle for your clothes. This helps to sustain the original colours and size of your favourite clothes.

Anti-Allergy Function

This Hotpoint feature works by deep cleaning fabrics while maintaining a temperature proven to dramatically reduce allergens. Thorough rinsing cycles make this setting good for those sensitive to washing powders. Similar to Bosch’s ‘Allergy+ Setting’.

Anti-Crease Programme

At the end of the cycle, the drum continues to rotate periodically to untangle clothes gently. This helps to reduce creases and makes ironing much easier. Also called ‘Anti-Crease Cycle’ or ‘Anti-Crease System’.

Anti-Flood Protection

Appliances with anti-flood protection will cut the water supply to the washing machine if a leak is detected, thereby preventing flooding.

Anti-Foam Control

Anti-Foam Control checks internal water levels to detect whether foam has built up in the drum. If it has, the machine will eliminate and drain any foam.

Anti-Stain Technology

This feature from Hotpoint manages water, agitation, detergent and temperature to lift 20 of the most stubborn everyday stains in one wash, without pre-soaking.


Certain models are designed to reduce vibrations. This helps to not only keep the machine more secure while in use, but also reduces the amount of noise the dryer produces.


This term refers to the size of the door’s opening. For example, a large aperture makes it easier to fit in bulkier items, such as bedding.

AquaFall Wash System

A Zanussi feature, soaking clothes in the drum to ensure a more even distribution of detergent. Wash clothes more quickly and reduce running times.


A setting on some Bosch washing machines. With AquaPlus, a higher water level will be used for your selected programme, giving better rinse results.

AquaSpa Wash System

This Bosch feature aims to soak clothes more efficiently, using just as much water as the cycle needs and a lower level of energy. Enjoy more eco-friendly cleaning.

AquaVoid System

Anti-leak technology is available on all Blomberg washing machines. If a leak is detected, the machine’s water supply is cut off in seconds. See also ‘Anti-Flood Protection’.

AquaWave Drum

Available on select Beko models, this waved drum design is non-abrasive, preventing potential damage to your clothes. This gentle friction assists in cleaning laundry, for better results.

Audible End of Programme

An acoustic alarm will sound to notify you when your laundry cycle has finished.

Auto Balancing

Some appliances will automatically balance laundry in the drum, so that garments are evenly distributed. When clothes accumulate too heavily on one area, the load can become unbalanced, causing excessive vibration and noise when in use.

Automatic Adjustment System

A Blomberg feature which detects your load’s size and adjusts water intake accordingly, for a more efficient laundry cycle. Other brands also feature ‘Water Adjustment Systems’. 

Automatic Variable Load System

An automatic variable load system uses sensors to detect the weight of your laundry, and adjusts energy and water usage accordingly.

Automatic Water Level Reduction

Automatically reduces the water level for half or small loads, for more efficient cleaning.


This Zanussi feature saves time and reduces energy and water consumption by automatically adjusting the cycle to suit the load. This is a form of ‘Automatic Variable Load System’.

Auxiliary Functions

These are the pre-set functions controlled by the dial or buttons – for example, a ‘Wool’ or ‘Synthetics’ cycle.

Baby Care Programme

Make sure your little ones are in the cleanest outfits possible with this high temperature program. An extra rinse cycle removes any remaining detergent that could irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Also referred to as ‘Baby’ or ‘Baby Wear Cycle’.

Bedding Programme

This cycle runs at an optimum spin speed and is designed to wash larger, bulkier items such as sheets, pillows and blankets. Also called ‘Bedding Cycle’ and ‘Bed & Bath Cycle’.

Bone Dry

A Hoover programme, developed for towels and bathrobes.

Bosch Maxx

A sub-brand of Bosch, specialising in washing machines.

Brushless Motor

These powerful motors generate less friction than conventional models, for quieter and more efficient running. This also reduces wear and tear on the model, for a much longer lifespan. Also called an ‘Inverter Motor’.

Built-in (BI)

An appliance that can be installed behind a cabinet door, seamlessly fitting the look of your kitchen. Also referred to as ‘Integrated’ models.

Built-in Memory

This clever Hotpoint feature allows you to save your preferred programme settings and access them at the push of a button. See also ‘Memory Function’.

Built-in Water Heater

Almost every washing machine in the UK and Europe has a water heater or heating element fitted in order to bring the water up to the desired wash temperature.


The capacity of your appliance is measured in kilos. This is the maximum amount of laundry that your appliance can effectively wash or dry in a single cycle. Exceeding this amount could cause damage to the appliance.

Care Labels

Instructions found inside your clothing that suggest the best wash/dry cycles.

Child Lock

This feature prevents children from opening the appliance door or altering settings while a laundry cycle is in progress.

Cold Fill

This type of washing machine must be connected to a cold water valve when installed. Water is heated to the desired temperature inside the appliance, before the cycle starts.

Cold Wash Programme

Some washing machines have specific settings to effectively wash clothes at lower temperatures. Cold Wash programmes help save energy, for a more efficient clean.

Compact Tumble Dryer

Compact models have smaller capacities, but are perfect for more space-limited kitchens or utility rooms.

Condenser Tumble Dryer

A popular type of tumble dryer. These models extract moist, warm air from the drum and collect condensed water in a removable tank, which requires emptying. You can install a Condenser Tumble Dryer anywhere in your home (as opposed to Vented Tumble Dryers, which need to be installed near an external wall or window). Cool: Available on some tumble dryers, this setting cools laundry at the end of your cycle.

Cottons Eco Programme

An energy efficient cycle for your cotton garments. Also referred to as ‘Cotton Eco Cycle’ and ‘Cotton Economy Cycle’.

Cottons Programme

A programme designed for effectively treating cotton garments. Some washing machines allow for adjustable temperatures when washing cotton, so you can give clothes the clean that they need.

Countdown Timer

A timer to display the remaining time before your laundry is ready. Times shown are often estimated. See also Time Remaining Display and Timer Function.

Cupboard Dry

Clothes dried using this program are ready to be stored straight away.

Curtains Programme

A delicate cycle designed to wash curtains without the risk of shrinking them. Also called ‘Curtains Cycle’.

Daily Quick Programme

This programme from Beko can wash a large load of lightly soiled laundry (up to 8 kg) in 39 minutes or less.

Dark Garments Programme

Specifically designed for dark garments, this cycle reduces fading and prevents detergent residue being left after the wash. Also called ‘Darks Programme’ and ‘Darks Cycle’.

Decibel (dB)

Decibels are used to measure levels of noise and the relative loudness of sounds. When referring to washing machines, they are used to give an idea of how much noise the unit is likely to generate.

Delay Start

Set a delay timer for your laundry cycles to ensure your clothes are ready the moment you want them. You can even set cycles to complete while you’re out of the house, so they’ll be ready as soon as you get back.

Delicate Wash Programme

A gentle cycle that safely washes delicate items without risk of shrinkage or damage. Also called ‘Delicate Wash Cycle’.

Delicate/Wool Dry Programme

To save air drying woollen clothing, this feature dries delicate fabrics with a gentle heat and minimal tumbling. This minimises the risk of shrinkage or damage to your favourite clothes.

Detergent Compartment

The drawer on a washing machine that holds detergent and fabric softener.

Diamond Drum Design

Designed by Samsung, the Diamond Drum features smooth, diamond-shaped ridges, for more gentle treatment of laundry and a reduced risk of damage. Smaller water exit holes also prevent fabric from becoming trapped.

Digital Controls

Washing machines with digital controls use electronic buttons or touch controls to set time and programme functions for your wash. Opposite of Analog Controls.

Digital Display

An easy-to-read electronic screen which displays programme options and features. Digital displays usually use either LED or LCD panels.

Door Hinge Position

The hinge’s position dictates which way the washing machine door will open. For example, a door with a left hinge position will open to the left.

Door Lock

The door lock holds the washer door shut for the duration of the washing cycle to ensure that it is not accidentally opened.

Door Lock Light

A visual alarm, the Door Lock Light flashes to show that your appliance’s door is not properly closed.

Door Seal

The rubber part around the drum’s opening which prevents water from escaping.

Drain & Spin Programme

With this programme, an additional spin cycle is added to your wash.

Drain Filter

A filter which stops lint and debris from entering the drainage system. It is normally found at the base of your appliance where the drainage pipe enters.

Drain Programme

A programme designed to drain any remaining water in the drum.

Drum Bearings

Parts which hold the drum in line with the door and the rubber seal. If your appliance is working properly, the drum will turn easily, with a normal level of noise. Should your appliance become excessively loud and hard to turn manually, it may indicate damage to the drum bearings.

Drum Capacity

The total weight of clothes that the washing machine’s drum can hold. See ‘Capacity’ for more.

Drum Cleaning Programme

A self-cleaning function to reduce bacteria and improve the machine’s hygiene. Certain washing machines will have pre-programmed settings designed for this. See ‘Service Wash’ for more.

Drum Paddle

The parts inside the drum which catch the washing and make it spin with the drum.

Drying Capacity (kg)

The drying capacity refers to the maximum amount of laundry that can be dried in one cycle.

Dryness Control Method

Some models use sensors that determine the moisture level in the drum and changes the cycle accordingly. Other models operate off a pre-determined timer.

Duvet Programme

A wash cycle designed for duvets.

Easy Care Programme

Designed to wash non-cotton fabrics like nylon, viscose and polyester. Also referred to as ‘Synthetics Programme’. See ‘Synthetics’ for more.

Easy Iron Programme

Easy Iron programmes vary from model to model, but usually they reduce creases by reducing the spin speed or shortening parts of the wash cycle.

Eco Bubble Technology

Innovative technology featured on select Samsung models. The machine ‘froths’ detergent with air and water before the cycle begins, creating bubbles that penetrate your clothes faster than concentrated detergent. This saves you energy, as it allows for effective cleaning in lower temperatures.

Eco Clean 20 Programme

This super-efficient Beko programme washes up to 3.5 kg of lightly soiled laundry, using suitable detergents that perform at 20 ºC wash temperatures.

Eco Drum Clean

In order to preserve the life and performance of your Samsung washer, the Eco Drum Clean function is a washing programme designed to clean the appliance rather than a load of laundry. See also ‘Drum Cleaning Programme’.

Eco Programme

Eco programmes vary from model to model, but often wash clothes at lower temperatures or with less water, for a more efficient cycle. Also called ‘Eco Cycle’ and ‘Eco Mode’.

Eco Silence Motor

A type of brushless motor featured in certain Bosch models. See ‘Invertor Motors’ for more.

Eco Tech

Eco Tech is Hotpoint’s unique grading system. Machines are awarded the Eco Tech stamp of approval if they achieve an energy rating of A+ or better.

Eco Time Setting

Found on many Indesit machines, this reduces the cycle time by 30% and uses up to 40% less water and energy. Also allows you to save on your energy bill and be more environmentally friendly.

EcoPerfect Setting

An energy saving solution available on Bosch VarioPerfect washing machines. Choosing EcoPerfect can use up to 66% less energy than standard programmes.

Electronic Dial

An electronic dial can be turned to select time and programme settings on your washing machine.

Empty Water Indicator

This indicator is found on ‘Condenser Tumble Dryers’ and signals that you need to empty the removable water tank. 

End Delay Function

Similar to the ‘Start Delay Function’, however this setting decides when the cycle finishes. 

Energy Consumption

The average amount of electricity used by an appliance during one cycle, or over one year. It’s measured in kWh (kilowatt per hour), and helps if you’re choosing between two machines which may have the same energy label.

Energy Rating

A rating awarded based on the energy efficiency of the appliance. The highest attainable rating for an appliance is A+++. Efficient models are not only better for the environment, but will also reduce the unit’s running costs over time.

Environmental Certification

Organisations concerned with environmental protection have established processes and standards that qualify a product as environmentally sound. When companies develop products that are recognised as meeting these standards, and receive relevant approvals, they can be considered to have environmental certification.

Error Codes

Error or Alarm codes feature on washing machines from a range of brands. Using a display panel, the washing machine will show a code that refers to a specific fault or issue with the machine. For example, a ‘dE’ code may indicate a ‘door error’, meaning that it is not properly shut.

Extra Dry

A longer drying programme that ensures garments are thoroughly dry. It is perfect for drying thicker fabrics such as towels, bed linens and denim. Also referred to as a ‘Long Cycle’.

Extra Rinse Programme

Provides an extra rinse, helping to remove stubborn stains and remaining traces of detergent.

Fast Full Load Programme

This Blomberg feature takes just 28 minutes to wash an 8kg load.

Fast Wash 30 / 60

These programmes from Hotpoint are intended to quickly wash loads under 3 kg. Fast Wash 30 washes clothes at 30°C for 30 minutes, and Fast Wash 60 washes clothes at 60°C for 60 minutes. This programme is not suitable for wool, silk or clothes that require handwashing.

Fast Wash Programme

Allows for a quicker wash, which is ideal when you’re in a rush. See ‘Quick Wash Cycle’ for more.


Can often be adjusted to different heights to level your machine.

Filter Full Indicator

A warning light to indicate that the Lint Filter needs to be cleaned. The Lint Filter is typically a removable mesh screen that catches all of the lint and dust from your clothes, for more see ‘Lint Filter’.

Flexidose Drawer

The Zanussi Flexidose drawer is an intelligent detergent compartment that uses your detergent in the most effective way.

Foam Detection System

Continually measures water levels within the drum during spin and checks them against a threshold level. Should foam exceed these levels, a foam elimination process may begin.


These models stand independently and can be set-up anywhere in your kitchen, garage or utility room. For machines that are seamlessly built into your existing units, see ‘Integrated’.

Freshen Up Programme

A very light wash cycle that doesn’t use any detergent. Ideal if you want to freshen clothes that have been kept in storage, reducing wear and tear. It can take between 10 and 20 minutes. Also called ‘Freshen Up Cycle’.


Clothes are loaded into the washing machine through a porthole on the front of the machine.

Fuzzy Logic

In washing machines, ‘fuzzy logic’ refers to sensors in the drum that monitor conditions and accordingly adjust settings such as water intake, temperature, rinse performance and spin speed.

Gentle Care Drum

This specially designed washer dryer drum from Zanussi enables you to wash and dry even your most delicate clothes.

Half Load Function

Select this function for smaller washing loads to reduce the amount of water and energy used in the cycle. Some machines can automatically sense a half load, adjusting the water level and spin time.

Hand Wash Programme

A very gentle cycle suitable for items that would ordinarily be hand-washed.

Heat Exchanger

This is the part of condenser dryers which cools warm moist air to condense the water. The heat exchanger should be cleaned often, though some models feature self-cleaning ones.

Heat-pump Dryer

These energy efficient dryers cycle hot air through the drum, cool the air to condense and remove moisture and then re-use that air, rather than pulling in more air from outside. Heat-pump dryers generally cost more than other types of tumble dryer, however their energy efficiency makes them cheaper to run.

High-Low Heat Settings

This function allows you to adjust the level of heat for a particular cycle.

Hotpoint Aquarius

A line of Hotpoint washing machines and dryers.

Hotpoint Futura

A line of Hotpoint washing machines and dryers.

Hygiene 60

This programme from Hoover washes clothes at 60°C for a perfect clean and sanitising effect – it is recommended for items such as baby clothes, and with the use of powder detergent for maximum effect. See also ‘Baby Care Programme

Hygiene+ Programme

This programme from Hoover maintains a 75°C temperature throughout the wash and rinse and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that may occur in your dishwasher.

Indicator Lights

A series of lights on the front panel of your appliance, used to display settings or the status of your machine.


These tumble dryers are seamlessly built into your existing kitchen layout and fitted behind cupboard doors.

Intelligent Wash System

Drum sensors detect the load’s size, altering the water level and cycle time accordingly. This highly innovative feature saves you time, money and energy. See also ‘Fuzzy Logic’.

Intensive Programme

Designed for heavily soiled garments. Ideal for getting rid of extra tough stains such as grass or wine.

Interior Drum Light

Some models of tumble dryer feature an internal light in the drum, so you can see exactly what’s inside.

Inverter Motor

These powerful motors generate less friction than conventional models, for quieter and more efficient running. This also reduces wear and tear on the model, for a much longer lifespan. Also called ‘Brushless Motor’.

iQ Drive Motor

This brushless, wear-free motor from Siemens is their quietest, fastest, most energy-efficient and durable model to date. A type of ‘Brushless Motor’.

Iron Dry

Clothes are left very slightly damp to make ironing easier. In order for this to be effective, the clothes must be ironed right away.


This intelligent sensor technology from Siemens constantly checks the status of your laundry cycle. By measuring the moisture level of clothes in the drum, your appliance can stop drying the moment your laundry is ready. This saves time, energy and prevents damage to your clothes from over-drying. See also ‘Sensor Drying’.

Jeans Programme

A delicate wash cycle for jeans, to prevent shrinkage or fading.

Jet Spray

A feature on some LG models that offers more effective rinsing, using less water and energy than on conventional models. During the rinse cycle, clothes are sprayed with high-pressure jets of water, penetrating more deeply into fabrics to remove detergent residue.


This refined feature automatically adjusts water and energy consumption to an appropriate, efficient level, saving you energy.

KG Mode

All Hoover washing machines feature KG Mode, a form of auto load control that weighs your load of laundry and adjusts water and electricity usage to suit. This gives better energy performance and can save you money.

LED Display

A flat panel display that uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as pixels. LED displays are often used on washing machines to show time or programme information.

Left-on Mode

This mode is active when your appliance is not in use, but has not been turned off. It uses the least energy of any mode and may persist for an indefinite amount of time. On relevant models, sensor-based flood protection will remain active in this mode.

Levelling Legs

Featuring on the bottom of an appliance, you can adjust the height of these legs to keep your machine level. See ‘Adjustable Feet’.

Lint Filter

A fine mesh that catches lint and dust from your drying cycles. Ordinarily, this filter can be easily removed and cleaned. Regularly cleaning this filter will maintain the performance of the appliance.

Loading Type

This specifies the way in which an appliance loads. Models are either front loading or top loading.

Maximum Spin Speed

The washing machine’s fastest spin speed – 1600 rpm being the highest, towards the end of a cycle when it’s draining water. Only some cycles require this maximum speed, with delicate washes needing a lower rpm.

Memory Function

Allows you to save a wash programme with your preferred settings. This custom programme will be stored on the appliance’s memory, even when the machine has been turned off.

Micro Filter

A feature of heat pump dryers. It is advisable to choose a model with an easily accessible filter, as it will have to be cleaned periodically.

Mini 14 Programme

This Blomberg cycle can wash a 2 kg load in just 14 minutes.

Mini Load Setting

Similar to the ‘Half Load Function’. The water and energy used by a cycle is reduced to accommodate a smaller load.

Mix 20 Programme

This programme from Zanussi uses a 20°C cold wash that is very energy efficient. It is intended for lightly soiled clothes, and requires a detergent which is active in cold water.

Mixed Load Cycle

A programme for washes that contain various different fabrics.

Noise Level (dB)

This indicates how loud an appliance will be while in use. The level is measured in decibels.

Noise Level Spinning (dB)

This indicates how loud an appliance will be when spin drying. It is measured in decibels. It is measured in decibels

Noise Level Washing (dB)

This indicates how loud an appliance will be when running a wash cycle. It is measured in decibels. It is measured in decibels

Number of Programmes

This indicates how many separate programmes are available on an appliance. Programmes may include cool wash, half load, delicate, woollen, hand wash and more.

Optima Inverter Motor

Powerful and efficient, the Optima Inverter Motor drives some lines of Blomberg washing machines. See also ‘Inverter Motor’ or ‘Brushless Motor’.

Outdoor Programme

A wash cycle for waterproof materials such as raincoats.

Overflow Protection System

An automatic sensor that cuts off the water supply if a leak is detected, protecting your home from water damage. See also ‘Anti-Flood Protection’.

Pause Function

This function pauses your current laundry cycle, allowing you to add or remove garments as required. See ‘Reload Function’ for more.


The entrance to the washing machine drum, into which clothes are loaded.

Power Consumption

The amount of power a washing machine uses while running, measured in kWh (kilowatts).

PowerJet Technology

A feature available on selected Zanussi models. Water jets spray away any residue in the detergent drawer, leaving the drawer clean. This also ensures that more detergent reaches the drum, and is more evenly distributed throughout the drum. A form of Self-Cleaning Dispenser.

Pre-Wash Function

Used to rinse and wash clothes lightly before the main cycle. This is useful for stained and heavily soiled clothing or damp bath towels.

Programme Stage LEDs

An indicator to let you know the progress of the cycle.

Programme Time

The time it takes for a particular cycle to finish.


Programmes specify the length and temperature of washing functions, and are often designed and named around the type of fabrics they are best suited for (e.g. Wool, Cotton, Mixed).


A programme on some models of washing machine that treats clothes with a hydrophobic coating, to make them more water resistant.

Quick Wash Programme

Many models of washing machine will have the equivalent of a Quick Wash programme, designed to clear laundry in a hurry.

Rapid 14 / 30 / 44 / 59 Programme

The ‘Rapid’ cleaning programmes from Hoover are designed to clean lighter loads of laundry in a specified amount of time. The Rapid 59 programme washes and dries up to 1.5 kg of laundry in under an hour.

Rapid Dry

This programme is designed to dry laundry as quickly as possible. A perfect setting for those with a busy lifestyle or large amounts of laundry to get through.

Reduced Ironing Function

Laundry is gently tumbled throughout the normal programme, and again at the end of the spin phase. This reduces creasing, making ironing easier.


Refresh programmes are generally shorter than full washes and aim to get lightly soiled clothes ready for wear.

Refresh 20 Minute Programme

Zanussi’s Refresh 20 Minute Programme is designed to freshen up shirts in as little as 20 minutes.


A cool tumble which relaxes the clothing and reduces creases.

ReLoad Function

A useful feature for when you’ve started a cycle, and realise you’ve forgotten to load certain garments. This function pauses the cycle, allowing you to reload the drum and resume the cycle. Also known as ‘Pause Function’.

Remaining Moisture Content

Appliances with sensor drying will check the remaining moisture content of the laundry in your drum, stopping the cycle when clothes are suitably dry.

Reverse Drum

A drum that can turn in both directions, helping to prevent clothes from tangling.

Reversible Door

On some appliances the door can be switched between two hinges, enabling you to open it either way. This gives you added flexibility and can be useful in kitchens or utility rooms with limited space.

Rinse Hold Programme

A programme to delay the final rinse on your laundry cycle until a more convenient time. This prevents instances of clothes creasing in the drum.

Rinse Programme

A programme that only uses water to clean, without detergent. Most programmes will feature a rinse cycle to remove detergent from clothes prior to drying.

‘Set and Forget’ Sensor System

This innovative technology is available with some Hotpoint dryers. The dryer senses when clothes are dry and automatically switches to cool mode to save energy and prevent your clothes from over-drying.

Selectable Spin

On some models of washing machine, you can select the speed at which the drum rotates. Higher spin speeds are better at draining moisture from your laundry, whereas slower settings reduce wear and tear on your clothes and the appliance itself.

Selectable Water Temperature

On some models of washing machine you can select the temperature at which clothes are cleaned at. This gives you more flexibility to treat a range of stains and fabrics.

Self-Cleaning Dispenser

Certain washing machines come with self-cleaning detergent drawers, using jets of water to spray away any detergent residue. Some brands use their own names for a self-cleaning drawer, e.g. PowerJet or Jet Spray.

Self-Diagnostic Mode

Diagnostic modes are used to identify any hardware issues with your washing machine. Models with this feature will generally show diagnostic results on the display panel via Error Codes, though some newer models may also connect to your smartphone.

Sensor Drying

An intelligent programme which uses sensors to detect the level of moisture in your garments. The dryer then alters the heat and time based on the level of moisture.

Service Wash

It is a wash cycle which helps to remove mould and bacteria that may build up in the machine, preventing smells and maintaining maximum efficiency. Also called ‘Maintenance Wash’.

Shirts Programme

A specialised programme designed to treat shirts made of cotton, synthetic material, or a synthetic blended fabric. Can also be referred to as ‘Shirts Cycle’or ‘Blouses Programme’.

Silent System Plus Motor

A low-noise motor and noise insulation panels ensure AEG washing machines are extremely quiet.

Silk Wash Programme

A programme designed especially for washing delicate silk clothing. It reduces the spin speed and temperature. Also called ‘Silk Wash Cycle’, ‘Silks Programme’ and ‘Silks Cycle’.

Sound Off Function

Used to deactivate noises and alarms from your washing machine. Alarms generally signal the completion of washing load.

SpeedPerfect Function

Bosch’s SpeedPerfect function allows you to reduce cycle times without compromising the wash performance.

Spin Performance

A rating which indicates the efficiency of water extraction from clothes during the spin cycle.

Spin Programme

Also called ‘Spin Cycle’. During the spin cycle, laundry is partially spin-dried to remove excess water.

Spin Speed (RPM)

The speed at which the drum spins during a wash. A higher speed means clothes will be drier when they come out of the machine. When buying a machine, the spin speed advertised will be the ‘Maximum Spin Speed’.

Spin Speed Option

Options to regulate the spin speed of your washing machine. This is most commonly measured in RPM (rotations per minute).

Spin-drying Efficiency Class

A rating from A-G which indicates how well a machine’s spin will remove water from clothes.


A program designed specifically for drying modern sportswear containing microfiber technology. This avoids any shrinkage or potential damage. Also called ‘Sportswear Cycle’.

Stacking Kit

It is possible to position your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine if they are made by the same manufacturer. They are available directly from manufacturers or electronic retailers, and it is advised that you get a professional to install it.

Stain Programme

This LG feature adds time to the wash and rinse cycles for better stain removal. Also called ‘Stain Cycle’.

Start Timer Delay Function

This function allows you to load the drum, add your detergent and select a time for the machine to start – up to 24 hours in advance.

Super Eco Wash Function

This low temperature wash programme from Samsung achieves perfect wash results while saving energy.

Super Quick 15 Programme

A short programme of around 15 minutes to wash 2 kg of lightly soiled laundry. Also called ‘Super Quick 15 Cycle’.

Super Quick 40

This super-fast setting is available from Bosch. It dries your clothes in just 40 minutes.

Super Silent Technology

Featuring in some Hotpoint models, sound insulating panels and an advanced brushless motor dramatically lower noise levels from the washing machine.

Super Wash Programme

This Hotpoint programme uses additional water and increased wash time to aid in the removal of stubborn stains. Also called ‘Super Wash Cycle’ and ‘Super Wash Function’.

Synthetic Programme

Designed to clean non-cotton garments, such as nylon or polyester. Also called ‘Synthetic Cycle’.

Synthetics/Easy Care

A specific function for non-cotton clothing like polyester. Important to note is that it runs with a smaller load. For example, if you have a 6kg capacity dryer, you’ll be able to dry 3kg of synthetic clothing in one go.

Temperature Control

A process in which temperature is monitored and regulated to remain consistent. This is used in washers to ensure clothes are cleaned at an appropriate temperature at all times.

Textile Guard Programme

Applies a waterproof treatment to breathable fabrics when relevant treatment fluid is placed in the detergent drawer. Also called ‘Textile Guard Cycle’. See ‘Waterproofing Cycle’.

Time Delay Function

This LG function delays the end of a drying cycle. The maximum delay available is 19 hours, the minimum is 3 hours.

Time Remaining Display

Some machines feature a display, normally LED, which counts down the time until the wash cycle is finished. See also Timer Function and Countdown Timer.

Time Saver Programme

This Beko programme will wash a full load of lightly soiled clothes in as little as 28 minutes. Also called ‘Time Saver Cycle’.

Timed Programmes

Programmes with a specific length of drying time. For example, certain models contain programs for every 20 minute intervals.


A pre-set program that allows you to set the dryer to last for a specific amount of time, for example, 60 minutes.

Timer Function

A timer that will count down until your laundry is ready. Times shown are often estimated. See also Time Remaining Display and Countdown Timer.

Touch Select Buttons

Also called ‘Touch Control Buttons’, these feature on the front of most digitally controlled washing machines and are used to select programmes, features and time settings.

Tumble Dryer Type

The type of tumble dryer, defined by the size and process it uses to dry clothes. There are four types: Condenser, Electric Vented, Gas Vented and Compact.

Ultra Delicates Programme

A programme for items that need an extremely gentle wash. Also called ‘Ultra Delicates Cycle’.

Unbalance Detection System

Unbalanced laundry in the washer’s drum can cause excessive vibration and noise. An Unbalance Detection System can sense whether laundry is evenly distributed around the washer drum and indicate if it is not.

Unbalanced Load Control System

Modern technology from Beko which ensures laundry is evenly distributed around the drum during the cycle.

Variable Spin Speed

This feature allows you to choose the spin speed of a cycle. You can select a faster spin to extract more water and speed up the drying process, or slower speeds to reduce creasing.

Variable Temperature

Most washing machines now allow you to set the cycle’s temperature, depending on your requirements.

VarioPerfect Feature

A flexible technology from Bosch that allows you to tailor wash cycles to your requirements.

Vented Tumble Dryer

This type of dryer draws moist air from the machine through a hose and expels it at the other end. These models do not need their water tank emptying, unlike ‘Condenser Tumble Dryers.’ However, these models need to be installed near an external wall or window so that they can vent the water droplets outside of your house.

Vibration Proof

Minimises the amount the dryer vibrates as it runs.

Warning LEDs

A light which tells you when to empty the Water Container or to clean the Lint Filter. Keeping on top of this maintenance will keep your tumble dryer running at maximum efficiency.

Wash Plus

This programme from Bosch extends washing time in order to give a more intensive clean to highly soiled washing or heavier loads.

Wash Time Function

Wash time refers to the length of time required for a laundry cycle to complete. It is often tracked by the washing machine and remaining time is visible via a display panel. See also Timer Function, Time Remaining Display and Countdown Timer.

Washing Performance Class

This rating indicates the overall cleaning power of a washing machine.

Water Adjustment Systems

Some washing machines have sensors that determine the load’s weight, and adjusts water levels accordingly.

Water Consumption

The average amount of water used by a machine during a cycle.

Water Supply

A washing machine will need to be plumbed into a water supply to operate. This provides the washer with the water it uses to wash clothes.

Water Tank Full Indicator

A warning light on the machine which indicates when the water tank is full and requires emptying.

Waterproofing Programme

Applies a waterproof treatment to breathable fabrics when relevant treatment fluid is placed in the detergent drawer. Also called ‘Waterproofing Cycle’. See ‘Textile Guard’.

Whites Programme

Designed to wash stains out of whites and maintain their brightness. It would make coloured fabrics fade. Also called ‘Whites Cycle’.

Wool Plus Programme

This Zanussi programme for woollens has a unique cooldown phase at the end of the wash, preventing shrinkage during the cold rinse. Also called ‘Wool Plus Cycle’.

Wool Programme

A cycle designed to wash woollen garments safely. This cycle has slower spin speeds to ensure items are not stretched. Also called ‘Wool Cycle’, ‘Woolens Programme’ and ‘Woolens Cycle’.

Woollen/Delicates Programme

This cool and gentle programme safely dries your woollen and delicate garments.

Xpress Super Short Programme

This 14 minute Xpress programme can quickly revive and freshen up to 2kg of clothes for when you need them done fast.

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