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Dishwasher Glossary

ActiveWater Technology

Featuring on specific models, this Bosch feature gives maximum water efficiency. ActiveWater dishwashers use less water and less energy, with increased performance.

Adjustable Baskets

By allowing you to move baskets inside the dishwasher, some appliances can free up extra room for bigger, bulkier items. This is ideal for cleaning large pots and pans. Some brands have their own names for this feature, such as Bosch’s ‘Vario Basket System’.

Adjustable Feet

Uneven floors are no longer issue thanks to adjustable feet – add them to the base of your refrigerator for even installation. These are sometimes also referred to as ‘levelling legs’.

Air Drying System

The door will automatically open at the end of the cycle. The natural air flow will finish drying the dishes.

Anti-Flood Systems

Built-in electronic systems that stop your dishwasher from flooding. Anti-flood systems work in one of two ways – they will either be built into the base to prevent water from rising over a certain level, or in the water hose to prevent flooding outside the appliance.

Antibacterial Seal

This seal lines the door, keeping the dishwasher as hygienic as possible. The seal eliminates bacteria from food and dirt particles.


An anti-flood device from Bosch which will automatically shut off the water supply to the dishwasher if it identifies a water leak. See ‘Anti-Flood Systems’.

Auto Off Function

This feature will automatically turn the dishwasher off after its cycle, to save energy.

Auto Programme

Automatically selects settings such as wash length, temperature and number of water changes. Also called ‘Auto Cycle’.

AutoSense Programme

An AEG programme to automatically adjust water and energy usage depending on the load of dishes. This saves water, energy and time.

Brushless DC Motor

Modern, electronic motors that do not feature brushes. These motors are quieter, more efficient and generally last much longer than conventional ones.

Built-in (BI)

Designed to fit seamlessly under your kitchen worktop, hidden behind a cabinet door. This helps your kitchen maintain a consistent, neat style. Also referred to as an ‘Integrated’ dishwasher.


The number of ‘Place Settings’ a dishwasher can wash and dry effectively. Dishwasher capacities are often measured by the amount of crockery they can hold for a single wash cycle.

Child Lock

Built-in safety feature to prevent any little hands from changing settings whilst the cycle is running.

Clean and Shine Programme

A standard wash programme on Beko models. Perfect washing and drying in just 90 minutes, the ultimate in convenience and time saving.


A smaller dishwasher that can be set up on a worktop or built into your kitchen units. With the capacity to clean four to six ‘Place Settings’, these are perfect for smaller households.

Concealed Heating Element

An integrated drying system that removes the need for a dish towel, ensuring your items are fully dry once the cycle finishes. There are many different types of ‘Drying Systems’.

Control Panel

A strip of buttons, dials and/or displays that allow you to choose time and programme settings for your wash.

Counter Balanced Door

Designed to make opening your appliance door easier and safer. Counter balanced doors will not drop open, preventing any unexpected drops or possible injuries.

Cutlery Basket

A convenient basket to hold your knives, forks, and spoons, making it easier to load and unload the dishwasher.

Cutlery Drawer

An alternative to the ‘Cutlery Basket’, this separate drawer is typically found at the top of the machine. This leaves more space in the main chamber of the dishwasher for larger items.

Decibel (dB)

Unit of measurement for the loudness of noises. Dishwashers that produce a lower number of dB are quieter appliances.

Delay Start Function

Allows you to start a cycle at your desired time, or after a set amount of hours. This convenient setting means you can schedule your dishwashing to suit your lifestyle.

Delicate Programme

A gentle cycle which is ideal for cleaning china and glassware.

Detergent Dispenser

Holds detergent powder or tablets and disperses them into the wash throughout the cycle, cleaning your crockery and utensils.

Dial Control

A twistable knob used to select your washing cycle and temperature.


This Bosch feature releases the detergent tablet into a specially designed tray during the wash cycle, ensuring it dissolves completely for a more complete clean.

Drop Down Tines

These racks hold and separate your plates and dishes, and can be folded down flat to make more room for cups and glasses when more space is needed.

Drying Efficiency Rating

A measure of the dishwasher’s drying efficiency. A higher rating will reduce the need to hand dry plates and bowls.

Drying Fan

An extra feature to help during the drying cycle. It also extracts the warm air, preventing water vapour from settling back onto your dishes and leaving marks.

Drying System

Once your dishes have been washed, a drying system will remove moisture so they’re ready to put away. Drying systems commonly involve the use of an internal heating element or condensation drying, though some models use other systems, such as a ‘Turbo Fan’.

DuoPower Spray Arm

Positioned in the upper basket, the double spray arm creates optimum water circulation around the dishwasher’s interior from targeted spouts.

Eco Programme

Many dishwashers feature an Eco programme – while these programmes will vary from model to model, they generally aim to reduce water and energy usage, for a more efficient wash. Sometimes referred to as an Economy Programme.

EcoSilence Drive

Bosch’s name for their ‘Brushless Motor’ system. The EcoSilence Drive reduces noise and gives better energy efficiency than traditional dishwashers.

End-of-cycle Signal

A noise emitted by the dishwasher to let you know when the programme has finished.

Energy Consumption

The amount of energy used by the dishwasher while it’s in use. The usage will differ between models, so always check the ‘Energy Efficiency Rating’.

Energy Efficiency Rating

Consistent across all brands, Energy Efficiency Ratings are EU-approved, and range from G to A+++ (with A+++ rated models being the most energy efficient).

Express 58’ Programme

A quick cycle found in Blomberg dishwashers which cleans a full load of crockery at 60 degrees, in 58 minutes.

Extra Dry Programme

A programme to ensure your crockery is dry enough to put straight back into the cupboards as soon as the cycle has completed.


The fascia is the front face plate of your dishwasher – on freestanding models the fascia will feature the appliance’s control panel.


Your dishwasher’s filter prevents food waste from getting into the drainage system and clogging the appliance. It is worth regularly checking that the filter is clear and unobstructed to ensure proper drainage.

Flexible Racks

These adjustable storage racks can be moved or folded down to generate extra space when required. Perfect for when you need to fit larger pots and pans.

Foldable Plate Rack

See ‘Flexible Racks’.

Folding Cup Rack

Many models of dishwasher also feature folding cup racks, for added flexibility. See ‘Flexible Racks’.


These appliances are the opposite of ‘Built-in’ or ‘Integrated’ models, and can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. They benefit from easier installation and more flexibility should you wish to change the layout of your room.

Full Size

Larger dishwashers, the opposite of ‘Compact’. These are available as both ‘Integrated and ‘Freestanding models. 

Glass Protection System

This Bosch feature regulates water hardness to give the best possible clean or your glasses. Soft water can cause glass corrosion, but this handy feature will keep your delicate items in top condition. ‘Water Hardness’ refers to the amount of naturally occurring elements in your water supply.

Half Load Programme

Many dishwashers feature a half load programme, designed specifically for washing loads at half capacity or under. These wash programmes use less energy and water, reducing waste.

Heat Exchanger

Dishwashers with heat exchangers treat precious glasses and porcelain with particular care. Water is pre-heated in the rinsing tank to avoid any temperature shocks.

Hot Air Drying System

Dries all items quickly and efficiently. Models with these systems don’t typically require hand drying after a finished cycle.

Hydro Safe Function

Using the hydroSafe device, Siemens dishwashers are guaranteed to be 100% leak proof 24 hours a day. If ever a leak occurs, the sensor shuts down the machine immediately. hydroSafe features on the majority of Siemens dishwashers. See ‘Anti-Flood Systems’.

InfoLight System

This Bosch feature projects light onto your kitchen floor, letting you know when the machine is in use.


These dishwashers are built into your kitchen units to fit seamlessly, giving your kitchen a uniform style. Also referred to as ‘Built-in’ dishwashers.

Intensive Programme

Found across brands and models of dishwasher, Intensive Programmes are used when your washing cycle needs a little extra power. More energy and water intensive, this setting is ideal for heavily stained items such as pots and pans.

Intensive Zone

This Bosch feature allows you to increase water pressure on the lower rack, while maintaining default pressure on the upper rack. This split programme allows you to wash delicate and heavily soiled crockery in the same wash.

Ion Exchanger Unit

Softens the water pumped into the dishwasher – ideal if you live in a hard water area. You will need to regenerate the unit regularly with special salts, to avoid breakage.

Knife Rack

A separate holder for knives, allowing them to be laid flat for more effective cleaning.

Large Spray Head

A spray head with higher pressure to remove stubborn stains and dirt more effectively.

Leak Proof

A feature that ensures the dishwasher won’t leak and cause water damage to your home.

LED/LCD Digital Display

Clearly displays the programme information, including type of cycle, temperature and/or time remaining.

Levelling Legs

Adjust your dishwasher’s height by screwing these legs onto the bottom. Also called ‘Adjustable Feet’. 

Load Sensor

Monitors the types of crockery and number of pieces added to the appliance, adjusting the cycle and water temperature accordingly for the best possible results.

Lower Basket

The rack placed at the bottom of the dishwasher. It’s closer to the water output and is better suited for larger items like pots, pans and plates.

Mini 14 Programme

 A cycle found in Beko dishwashers that can clean half a load in an impressive 14 minutes. 

Mini 30 Programme

 A cycle found in Beko dishwashers that can clean a full load in 30 minutes, at 35 degrees, which is perfect for lightly soiled crockery. 

Noise Level

The amount of sound produced by your dishwasher during a cycle. This measurement is usually provided as a unit in ‘Decibels’.

Optima Inverter Motor

Blomberg’s invertor motor technology provides efficient, powerful and whisper-quiet washing.

Overflow Protection System

Prevents water from flooding your appliance. See ‘Anti-Flood Systems’.

Place Setting

Refers to the amount of crockery used for one person. The amount of place settings a dishwasher can hold is used to measure the dishwasher’s ‘Capacity’. Typically, a place setting is thought to consist of a dinner plate, desert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, and an assortment of cutlery.


Rinses dishes prior to a cleaning cycle – ideal for soaking dirty crockery to ensure it comes out spotless. Also called ‘Pre-Rinse’.


The setting you choose to wash the dishes. Dishwashers usually come with a range of programmes so you can pick the best one for your needs. Also called ‘Cycle’.

Quick Wash Programme

Many brands and models of dishwasher feature a Quick Wash setting, giving a shorter, more intense wash for when you need your dishes ready in a hurry.

Remaining Time Display

A handy timer to tell you when the cycle will be finished.

Removable Filter

A dishwasher filter that can be removed for easier cleaning. These models are typically quieter than those with self-cleaning filters. See ‘Self Cleaning Filter’ for more.

Removable Top

The top of the dishwasher can be added or removed, so it fits perfectly underneath the kitchen worktop. This can be used on select models to convert freestanding appliances to built-in ones.

Residual Heat Drying System

The dishwasher circulates heat generated during the wash cycle for the drying process.

Rinse & Hold Programme

Used to pre-wash your dishes to prevent dried on food which will be hard to remove if it’s left to stick – a handy feature if it’s going to be a while before you can wash a full load.

Rinse Aid Indicator

Indicator located on the dishwasher’s ‘Control Panel’. Alerts you when Rinse Aid solution requires a refill.

Salt Indicator

Lets you know when the dishwasher salt needs topping up. If you live in a hard water area, your dishwasher may be prone to lime scale build up. See ‘Water Hardness’ for more. 

Self-Cleaning Filter

Dishwasher’s with self-cleaning filters clean away food debris during the cycle, so that it can’t recirculate during the wash. Please note that appliances with self-cleaning filters tend to generate more noise than standard models.

Self-Cleaning Programme

A high-temperature cycle used when the dishwasher is empty, giving the inside a thorough clean.


This appliance is fitted like an integrated model, but the control panel is left exposed. ‘Integrated’ models can be fully hidden behind a cupboard door.

Sensor Wash Programme

Senses the level of dirt in the machine’s water, adjusting the temperature and length of cycle accordingly. If your dishwasher does not have an obvious main programme then it may be a sensor model.

Servo Lock

This feature makes it easy to open and close the dishwasher door.

Siemens extraKlasse

An appliance brand that offers products with high-quality performance and state-of-the-art technology. Find out more here

Sliding Cutlery Basket

Giving more flexibility in how you load your dishwasher, these cutlery baskets can be moved and repositioned within the appliance. See ‘Adjustable Baskets’.

Slimline Dishwasher

Perfect for those with compact kitchens, a slimline dishwasher takes up much less room than full size models. Most models can fit around nine place settings.

Spray Arms

Located under the lower basket, these arms rotate, distributing water evenly around the dishwasher.

Stainless Steel Interior

This hardwearing material lines the inside of your dishwasher.

Start Delay Timer

This lets you choose a convenient time for the dishwasher to start.

Status Indicator

Tells you which stage the dishwasher cycle has reached. Often located on the front of the machine alongside the dishwasher’s ‘Control Panel’.

Tall Tub

These models have larger cavities, making it easier to wash pots and pans.

Timesaver Function

This AEG feature cuts the length of your cycle in half, using more water pressure for faster cleaning.

Turbo Fan Drying

A ‘Drying System’ with increased air circulation for more effective drying. 

Upper Basket

This is a tray near the top of the dishwasher. Ideal for cups, glasses and less soiled items, as the water pressure is lower.

Vario Basket System

A Bosch feature that lets you rearrange racks and baskets for more space and greater flexibility. See ‘Adjustable Baskets’.


This is another adjustable level above the upper basket, found on some Bosch models.

VarioFlex Plus

Available on select models, this basket system features a wide range of moveable parts, so you can tailor the space to suit your needs. Clear room for large pots and pans, or fit more plates and dishes, with VarioFlex Plus. See ‘Adjustable Baskets’.


A Bosch feature that can reduce the duration of a programme by up to 50%, without compromising on cleaning quality.

Water Consumption

An average measurement of water used during a specific cycle. More efficient models will generally use less water per cycle.

Water Hardness

The level of calcium carbonate in your local water source. If you live in a hard water area, you will need to treat your dishwasher more regularly to prevent a lime scale build-up.

Water Softener

A unit inside your dishwasher which will swap the hard water ions for sodium ions. Soft water makes your detergent more effective and prevents limescale build-up.

Zeolite Drying

A drying technology in some Bosch models. Zeolite mineral are stored in the base of the dishwasher; a chemical reaction causes these minerals to release heat when they absorb water. This heat is used to dry the load quickly and efficiently.

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