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Cookers Glossary

13 Amp Plug

The UK standard, 13A plugs are used to power a wide range of appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, kettles and more.

Acoustic Alarm

An audible alarm. These can often be found on models that allow you to set a timer, notifying you when the time has run down.

Adjustable Feet

Located at the bottom of your appliance, you can change the height of these feet to keep your machine level.

Auto Safety Shutoff

This feature will completely turn off the hob if it has been left on for a long period of time.

Auto Timer

Many ovens have a programmable timer, allowing you to set times for your oven to start and stop cooking. Other models may instead use an 'Acoustic Alarm'  to let you know when the timer has run down.

Automatic Ignition

Some gas hobs require a match or lighter to ignite each burner. Models with automatic ignition can spark themselves, making life easier and preventing any potential accidents or burns.


Built-in cookers are models that are built into a kitchen work surface. These cookers are perfect for creating a seamless, modern-looking kitchen.


Built-under models are designed to fit under worktops, meaning they’re generally smaller than ‘Built-in’ models.


The cooking element of a gas hob, generating heat via flame to cook your food.

Catalytic Cleaning

Models with catalytic cleaning have been fitted with a special, chemically-treated lining inside the oven cavity. This lining is excellent at absorbing grease and fats. Once a month or so, heat the oven to over 200ºC to burn off and loosen grease deposits, for easier cleaning.


An oven’s cavity is the space in which food is cooked – the inside of the appliance.

Ceramic Hob

With no raised areas or ‘Pan Supports’ required, ceramic hobs are easier to wipe down and clean than gas hobs.

Child Lock

Some models of oven are designed with child locks built into the doors, preventing any little hands from changing settings while the oven is operating.


This patented technology from Neff draws air into the oven through a powerful fan. The air is then heated and directed back into the oven. Hot air is also focused directly onto the food being cooked – this helps to keep in moisture and prevents flavour transfer.

Compact Oven

Ideal for smaller kitchens, these models generally have a capacity of 30 - 50 litres.

Convection Oven

Convection ovens, or ‘fan ovens’, contain an internal fan that helps to move hot air around the cooker, for more even cooking. This prevents the oven from generating hotter and cooler areas, for more even and consistent cooking.

Conventional Oven

An oven with a stationary heat source, which usually radiates from the bottom of the appliance.

Cooking Functions

Cookers and ovens come with a wide variety of different cooking functions. From common functions, such as fan cooking, top and bottom heat and defrost, to more specialist functions, such as bread baking, dough proving and even a function designed for cooking pizza.

Cooking Zone

The areas of an electric hob that heat up, onto which pots and pans are placed.


Many ovens will have a defrost setting, allowing you to safely prepare frozen food for cooking.

Domino Hob

At 30cm, these are half the width of standard hobs. They can have two different burner types on the single hob and are often combined to create fully customised hobs.

Double Oven

An oven or cooker with two cavities, both of which have either a conventional or convectional cooking function. Not to be confused with ‘Twin Cavity’.

Easy Clean Doors

Ovens with Easy Clean Doors have been built without bumps or grooves, as they can collect dirt or grease. These models are easy to wipe down, with removable glass to make spotless cleaning even easier.

Easy Clean Enamel

Some models contain a lining to prevent food and grease bonding to your oven, making the cooker’s interior easier to clean.

Electric Ovens

Choosing between a gas or electric oven is largely down to personal preference – find out which is right for your needs in our Buyer’s Guide. Electric ovens are generally more energy efficient than gas ovens, and provide more even oven cooking.

Energy Efficiency

Appliances are given a rank from A+++ to G, rating their energy efficiency. This rating is set by the EU, and consistent across all brands and models. Models with good energy efficiency will cost less to run.

Fan Oven

Fan ovens, or ‘convection ovens’, contain an internal fan that helps to move hot air around the cooker, for more even cooking. This prevents the oven from generating hotter and cooler areas, for more even and consistent cooking.

Flame Failure Device

The name of Beko’s ‘Flame Fitted Device’ function, cutting off the gas supply to your hob should one of the burners go out.

Flame Fitted Device

Should the flame go out on your gas hob, this handy feature cuts the gas supply as well to prevent leaks.


A feature for induction hobs. Place your pots and pans anywhere on a FlexInduction hob and they’ll be heated exactly where they stand. Sometimes stylised as ‘flexInduction’.


Freestanding cookers are all-in-one models that do not need to be built into a work surface. One main advantage of a freestanding cooker is that it can go almost anywhere in your kitchen.

Full-Width Grill

A grill that covers the full width of the oven cavity, for better coverage and more consistent cooking.

Gas Ovens

Choosing between a gas or electric oven is largely down to personal preference – find out which is right for your needs in our Buyer’s Guide. Gas ovens are generally less energy efficient than electric models, but cheaper to run. Gas hobs are also more responsive than electric ones, bringing pans up to heat faster.

Glass Lid

Some models of oven come with a glass lid attached – this lid offers built-in protection for the wall or surface directly behind the cooker. This lid also conceals burners when not in use, for a tidier-looking kitchen.


A surface in your oven that heats to a high temperature, allowing you to cook food under it.

Gross Capacity

The total capacity inside your oven, measured in litres. Please note that the gross capacity calculates the total amount of space in the appliance, not the total usable space (See ‘Net Capacity’).


These can be found as the top part of a cooker, or purchased separately to build into a kitchen worktop.

Induction Hob

With induction cooking, the heat is generated directly in the cookware, for precise cooking that stops when power is off.

LPG Conversion Kit

On compatible models, an LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Conversion Kit can be installed so that the appliance runs on propane. This is useful or those that prefer gas cooking, but do not have a gas supply to their home.

Multi-Function Oven

Multi-function models combine elements of conventional and fan ovens, giving you more flexibility in how you cook.

Net Capacity

The total usable capacity inside your oven, measured in litres. This accounts for any shelves, containers, or other features that affect usable space.

Open Door Grilling

Allows for a continuous flow of air while heating, preventing your food from baking.

Oven Light

An oven light illuminates the oven cavity, so you can more easily check on your food.

Pan Supports

Featuring on gas hobs, pan supports are ceramic or metal frames which are used to rest pots and pans on. This exposes them to the flame from your burner and makes it easy to keep your pans balanced.

Plug and Play Hob

This style of hob can be plugged straight into a standard UK plug socket, removing the need for hardwiring.


A feature on Bosch Induction Hobs. PowerBoost heats up cooking zones on your hob even faster than usual, for great results in less time.

Push Button Ignition

This feature allows you to light your gas burners at the press of a button.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

The easiest and most effective oven cleaning system. Pyrolytic cleaning heats the oven to extreme temperatures of over 400ºC. This burns away any food deposits or residue, leaving only ash which can easily be swept away. This process can take a few hours.

Quick Therm

A Bosch feature for ceramic hobs. This ensures that heating zones on the hob are brought up to speed quicker than on conventional models.

Rapid Hotplates

Rapid hotplates are designed to heat up faster than conventional models.


A Beko feature, Rapidlite zones provide fast heating, with an easy-to-clean ceramic surface.

Removable Inner Door

Some models of oven feature removable glass inner doors. This means the internal glass door can be removed for a more thorough clean.

Residual Heat Indicators

This safety feature lights up the cooking zones on your hob when they are too hot to touch, preventing any accidents or injuries.

Single Oven

An appliance with a single, large oven cavity. These models typically contain a grill and have a capacity of 60 – 110 litres.

Slide & Hide Doors

Neff’s Slide & Hide door design sees the whole oven door pull open, and slide inside the appliance, for a completely clear opening.

Solid Plate Hob

A style of hob that uses solid electric plates to heat your pots and pans.

Steam Cleaning

Models with steam cleaning introduce water into the oven cavity and heat it up. The steam generated helps to loosen any grease or residue from cooking, making it easier to wipe out the oven cavity.

Steam Oven

These models use a built-in water reserve to cook food using steam. This healthy cooking method gets rid of the need for cooking oil or fat.


A Zanussi feature, Thermaflow ovens use clever fan placement to prevent the transfer of smells or tastes between your dishes as they cook. Using lower cooking temperatures and shorter cooking times, this feature helps you save time and money.

Touch Controls

Some modern hobs are fitted with touch controls, as opposed to knobs or dials. A simple tap of your finger is all that’s needed to adjust your hob’s settings.

Twin Cavity

Twin cavity ovens have two compartments, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. Generally, the bottom compartment will be an oven and top a grill.

Variable Grill

A grill with the ability to increase or decrease the level of heat it produces.

Wok Burner

Generally found on hobs with five or more burners, this is a larger and more powerful burner for fast cooking.

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