Ironing is one of those tasks you simply can’t escape, so having a decent model can make all the difference. New and advanced technology has given us irons that glide smoothly, removing stubborn creases effortlessly. Now, you can even find models with an automatic temperature feature. This allows you to iron different types of clothing without changing the settings.


The soleplate’s material varies across different models, but most modern designs have soleplates that are built to last. Popular materials include palladium and ceranium, both of which are designed to offer flawless results. The materials’ surfaces are incredibly smooth, allow easy gliding over all types of fabric, and distribute steam evenly. Plus, these materials are lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion, helping to lengthen your iron’s lifespan.

Some models also come with an anti-shine feature, which protects your clothes from any marks in case the iron’s soleplate is too hot. 

Steam Distribution

Steam is the key to getting rid of creases, and ideally, your iron should be able to tackle any fabric. Depending on the model, steam can be distributed in different ways for the most effective results.

The power of the steam output will also affect crease removal. The higher the output, the better the iron will be at removing those deeper crinkles.

A vertical steam function is perfect for removing creases from hefty items like suits or curtains, making the process much easier.

You could also consider an iron with a steam station, so you don’t have to worry about running out of water mid-load. 


Limescale build-up is a common problem, and there’s nothing worse than getting calcium debris on your favourite black shirt.

Look out for designs with Anti-Calc features, which should help keep limescale at bay. There are also models with self-cleaning filters, to protect your clothes from any limescale debris.

Tefal GV9820G0 Tefal Pro Express Vision Iron - Black & Gold
  • 9 Bars, 180g/Min Continuous Steam
  • 750g Boost, 1.6m Cord Length
  • Smart LED Vision Light
  • £399.99
Tefal FV9845G0 Steam iron - Black & Rose Gold
  • 100% filtered pure steam
  • 260g/min steam boost
  • easy crease removal
  • £119.00
Tefal FV2830G0 Express Steam Iron - Blue
  • Powerful 160g steam shot
  • 40g/min continuous steam
  • 2m power cord
  • £34.99
Tefal SV8062G0 Ultimate Pure FV9845 Steam Iron - Black
  • Up to 6.8 Bars, 130g Min Continuous Steam
  • 460g Boost, 1.7m Cord Length
  • One Setting Safe for All Ironable Fabrics
  • £249.99*
* Indicative Pricing until Postcode is entered
Tefal FV5696G0 Ultimate Turbo Pro Steam Iron - Black & Gold
  • Turbo boost
  • Scale collector
  • 270g/min steam boost
  • £79.99*
* Indicative Pricing until Postcode is entered