Electric Bikes

Electric bikes can be an ideal way to make travel easy. They can be folded and unfolded in seconds, making it simple to store them in the car, on a train, bus or even under your desk at work.


  • Eco-Friendly – Emitting no emissions, an e-bike is ideal for those living in or commuting to clean air zones. It’s also great for reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Easier Commute – Miss all the congestion and use cycle networks, lanes, and quieter roads to make your commute a breeze.

Electric bikes are legally referred to as Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles. If your e-bike:

  • Is powered by pedalling and not just the battery/motor
  • Won’t assist you if you’re travelling more than 15.5mph (motor)
  • Has a power output that doesn’t exceed 250 watts.

Then you are legally allowed to ride it on the roads*.

From holidays to riding in the park, an e-bike is a perfect choice for city streets and quick commutes. Wherever you choose, make pedalling effortless and go electric.

* Source: Halfords Electric Bike Buyers Guide

RILEY RB1 Foldable E-bike - Black
  • Detachable battery pack
  • 2-hours charge time
  • 50-mile range with a 250W motor
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • £1,299.00*
* Indicative Pricing until Postcode is entered