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Valor Cookers

Thrill the family with delicious home cooked meals you’ve whipped up in your new Valor cooker. With great features and excellent build quality, your cooking will be better than ever.

Some of the Valor cookers in our range are unique to Euronics – you won’t find these anywhere else.

Style and Design

Our Valor cookers are stunning, freestanding appliances that really deliver the wow factor. Available in black and white finishes, you’re sure to find something that suits your kitchen.

As part of the unique styling of our Valor cookers, all models feature an eye level grill. This is incredibly useful, as you can grill sausages or bacon while frying eggs on the hob. Keeping the grill at eye level makes it quick and easy to check how food is doing.

The cookers also come in two widths - 50 cm and 55 cm. This gives you greater flexibility for installing your new cooker and can make a Valor model ideal for smaller kitchens.

Cooking With Gas

Valor cookers are fuelled by gas, which means you get quick heat and little waste. Gas is usually cheaper than electricity too.

Four-burner gas hobs mean you can quickly whip up tasty meals with the consistent, even heat.

Make Cooking Easier

All our Valor cookers have a useful storage compartment below the main oven cavity, allowing you to store cooker accessories or pots and pans.

The oven features easy clean enamel, which helps keep your appliance at its spotless best. Just give the inside a wipe down to remove grease, grime and dirt with minimal effort.

Double glazed oven doors let you see your food cooking while keeping the appliance well insulated. Less heat can escape and the door is kept cool to the touch.

As an added bonus, these appliances are manufactured in Britain. Find your new Valor cooker today.
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