Microwaves are often an essential part of peoples’ kitchens. They’re perfect for everything from quickly reheating food to cooking a whole meal, offering you a lot of flexibility in one handy appliance. With big brands available, including Samsung and Sharp, you can be assured you’re buying a quality product that will stand the test of time. Products also come with a guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Cooking Delights

With dozens of different cooking settings available, modern microwaves can handle just about anything.

You’ll find everything from simple reheating and defrosting settings for when you’re in a rush, to full cooking modes that let you serve up delicious, moist and nutritious food for the family.

Convection or combi microwaves combine traditional microwave cooking with a convection oven or grill – quickly cook meals, yet still have the ability to produce crispy and browned food.

Just Right

One of the great things about microwaves is the vast range of sizes they come in. From smaller 20 litre capacity models to cavernous 32 litre units, you’ll be certain of finding the right model for you and your kitchen.

They also come in a variety of styles and finishes, so whether you kitchen is classic or contemporary, modern or traditional, you’ll find the right microwave for you.

Quick and Convenient

Designed to be flexible for modern, busy families, lots of our microwaves have extra settings to help you. Turntables can be turned off to make full use of the capacity and easy clean finishes help keep things hygienic.

Some of our microwaves have settings for specific food types. Just pop your meal in, push a single button and your food will be perfectly cooked, quickly and easily.